Beau(Rae) Shaffer

Freeport Road Salon 4- Rae Shaffer


Rae is one of the most caring people I know both as a person and a stylist! As a performer I always try to keep my hair as healthy as possible. Men don’t usually get a lot of options or products advertised to them to help long hair like mine. Rae has always been there to help me learn more about my hair and how to take care of it. While always doing a great job to keep it cut and healthy.

JC Beckas

Rae is one of the most understanding and caring professional stylists! My kiddo had the best experience for their first salon hair cut! Cannot recommend enough!

Trish Allison

We had such a great experience! Rae was extremely patient, adaptive to my daughters needs, and gave an excellent cut on a kiddo that wasn’t very still, lol. I’m so impressed and we will definitely be back. ❤️

Devin Doctors

Rae is fantastic! I was so relieved that they were so accepting and accommodating. They clearly considered my needs at all stages, from understanding the style I wanted to considering my haircare routine to addressing my sensory needs during the process. I had a great time at my appointment, and Rae made me feel so welcome. I am so relieved that I found Rae and Spectrum Salon!


My gf and I just got home after getting our Haircuts at Spectrum Salon PGH. We got our first gender affirming haircuts! My gf loves her how her hair looks. I look and feel great after leaving! Rae also gave my lil' Bean Lady some tips for protecting her naturally curly hair. 10,000/10 would recommend. 20,000/10 gender euphorias.

Cori P