Raquel Hopson

Wave Lash


Wave Lash is one of the cutest Salons I've ever been to! Raquel makes the entire experience so enjoyable and is so knowledgeable about the whole process! My eyelashes made me feel so beautiful and was perfect for my vacation. I was able to wake up everyday and feel so put together without putting in any effort! I can not recommend this salon enough, do yourself a favor and try it! My eyelashes also lasted longer than any other place I've tried before, so I know they used the best quality of product!

Veronica A.

Raquel is a master at lash extensions! I am never disappointed with her work. She really has magic hands! She has great knowledge in lashes and I never feel like my lashes are being damaged. She is very gentle with your eyes. If you've thought about ever getting your lashes done, you HAVE to see Raquel. I'm not kidding! Seriously the best lash tech ever, and I'm not exaggerating!

Jessica G.

Being a Lash Artist myself, I admire Raquel's work! She is amazingly talented Lash Artist who is so passionate about her work! If you are looking for someone professional , SHE IS THE ONE to go to, I guarantee you that!!!!

Oksana S.

United States

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