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About Rodreda Tate

I am a Pittsburgh hairstylist. I’ve been doin hair for 14 years. I knew I had a passion for hair at the age of 3 when I picked up my first comb. I often assisted my mother when she would do hair, and would practice hairstyles on my nieces. I began shampooing at my first hair salon Blessings on Western Ave in Manchester at the age of 14. That’s where Roberta Bowra thought me the foundation of the cosmetology business. When I went on to high school i took the cosmetology courses. I did hair out of my house, then a couple years later I went to Empire to obtain my cosmetology license. I started working full time at salon Instyle JCPenney in Monroeville mall. And now I own my own business. I offer a wide range of styling techniques such as, braids, relaxers, silk presses, short cuts, sewins, quick weaves, wigs, starter dreads and retwist, up dos, and natural hair styles. I believe In healthy hair and healthy products. If your ready to receive a quality hair experience you can book with me

United States

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