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Sofia Romani

The Pheal

About Sofia Romani
With over a decade of experience as a massage therapist and intuitive healer, Sofia is proud to open a new healing space that offers body, mind, and soul care services and products. Featuring massage, cupping, infrared heat therapy, Reiki, sound healing, creative workshops + education, art, and wellness products. Welcome to The Pheal. Get in your phealings. At The Pheal we're focused on the power of art, healing, and growth. A healing space anchored in art and the creative process as a modality of intentional self-healing and growth. Art is inherently healing to make, regard, and even let go of. It is only art because we interact with it. Much like art cannot exist without you, your wellness and healing abilities can not be maintained without the presence of our own intentional interaction with self. Art and how it exists is a pillar of what The Pheal does and represents. The Pheal invites you to join in on art as a lifestyle and means of self-love, care, and ultimately a vehicle of growth. To bring you back into your body, into this moment. To allow space and time for the body, mind, and spirit to embrace its own healing ability.
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