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I'm a secret weapon for most of my client's! You're not likely to recognize my work on the streets. However you will hear about it at the water cooler or from your best friend while sharing secrets. I am one of only 4 fully licensed and certified Body Sugaring hair removal practitioners in the state. That's right I provide head to toe hair removal and sculpting for both male and female clients. I received education in Esthetics at Career Academy of Hair Design under the instruction of Dana Ellison. I then went on to receive my Body Sugaring education from Sugar Streak out of Dallas Texas, under the instruction of Sareka Koi. In closing I love my work and more importantly, the clients that whisper at the water cooler.


OMG!! If Sugaring is Fashion Week, then Taige is Christian Louboutin! A master at what he does! I had both of my legs completely done and there was absolutely no pain! (Here's my disclaimer: I have no feeling in my legs, but I can only imagine that going with the hair growth instead of against it has got to feel so much better than waxing!) I waited 48 hours to post my review to see what would happen. I had a touch of redness in areas like toes and knees for about 2-3 hours afterwards, but then that went away. That was all the side effects that I noticed. I have followed after care instructions and my follow up is already scheduled. Highly Highly Recommend!!!

Erica Graser-Gates , Bentonville, AR

I just wanted to give Taige Sapp with Body Smooth Esthetics a big KUDDOS for doing such an amazing Job on my Sugaring Brazilian Hair Removal!! He was very professional and made me feel very comfortable and always asked if I was ok!! Sugaring was so much better than waxing for me!! If you need any hair removal services you need to check out Taige!!

Renee Christison Gable , Fayetteville, AR

There are no sufficient words to describe Taige and the work that he does. After several years of sugaring while living in Dallas I was surprised to find that no one here had ever heard of it when I moved back. It took some time, but I found Taige a year ago and was happy to welcome sugar back into my life. On top of being witty, he is welcoming, comforting, and knowledgable. He knows exactly what he is doing and there is no one more thorough. Taige takes the time to make his new clients feel comfortable and to get to know his returning clients. Body sugaring can at times be an interesting scenario, however, he makes sure that no one leaves with a less than stellar experience.

Kimberly Brannon , Bentonville, AR

United States

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