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About The Face and Body Studio - Brigitte Rogers

Beauty goes in 30 year cycles and I've witnessed that.  For 30 years I was a good hairstylist but after a career change, I have become an excellent Aesthetician!  My passion in beauty is now tied to my ability to improve confidence through applying clinical skincare treatments to renew severly damaged skin.

To that end, education is my world and I hold 25+ ceritfications, and I'm particularly proud to hold:

Cosmetic Chemistry Levels 1,2 & 3

Registered with the American Institute of Aesthetics  

Attended the World Conference of Permanent Cosmetics

I carry the following:

Yonka- A French holistic skincare line

Circadia- By Dr. Pugliese, who has his own research lab in redding PA.

Janssen Cosmentics 

Hydro Peptide- the leaders in peptide skiincare

Osmosis- Formulated by Dr. Ben Johnson. They specialize in cancer survivors




Oh snap, what have I found?? Brigitte is absolutely amazing!! A girlfriend of mine wanted me to come with her for a couple microdermabrasion treatments -- she wanted to show off how awesome Brigitte is and was so excited about it that she even offered to pay for me. Whoa! I was reluctant at first because I kind of have an aesthetician already, but hey why not? We booked appointments and headed over together last week. Brigitte's studio is located inside a neat little complex of different beauty practitioners' spaces. She has her own little nook toward the back with a small waiting area in front. She's polite, sweet, and very pleasant. Her studio is a little cramped, but she makes great use of the space and the treatment bed is very comfortable. The microderm treatment was awesome and didn't hurt a bit. Once that was over, Brigitte took another thorough look at my skin as I lamented and whined over the congestion in my chin and the scattering of pesky milia that my other aesthetician has been unable to do anything about despite multiple peels. No problem....Brigitte is an extraction sorceress and within minutes, I was milia-no-more. After the treatment (which also included exfoliation scrubs, cleansing, and a collagen mask), my face felt SO FREAKING SOFT AND HAPPY. It was amazing. Brigitte recommended a couple of products to me which are a wee tad expensive but I was more than happy to buy after the results I already saw. She knows her stuff that's for sure. I've been following her recommendations since my visit last week and can already see the difference in my skin. It's so much happier now. I have been converted by my friend and now I think we are going to have to make our trips to Brigitte a regular thing.

Heather K. , Northern CA

I've been going to Bridgette & her staff since 2006. I'm no cosmetics-queen, but I'm practical about caring for my assets -skin, body, brain & budget. I do facials every other month; waxes every other week; and gift Brigette's treatments to friends & family. My break-through at FABS has been the effectiveness of the products: Ageless Beauty exfoliant has gotten me so many compliments. It's changed the texture of my skin. The under-eye peptide does wonders on mornings that follow less than rested nights (thank you :/ to my kids). Brigette's brow shaping is subtle & gentle. Since I DON'T wear make-up, getting my skin care right & keeping my skin's health optimal is crucial. I've been to other places, but once I found Bridgette- I was thrilled that I could finally stop looking. Thanks Bridgettefor years of really excellent service.

Sharon M. , Bay Area CA

Let me say up front -- I'm a 6'2" 237lb man -- and even BIG men enjoy a quality manicure and pedicure and facial on occasion. And that is exactly what I enjoyed when a good friend of mine suggested I go see beautiful Brigitte. She is a master of her craft and a sweetheart of a lady. Take it from me -- go see Brigitte -- you'll be VERY pleased you did.

Shayne R. , Bay Area CA

I just redeemed my Living Social certificate at FBS and Brigitte did the most amazing job on my permanent eyebrow makeup. Her studio is immaculate, and she is lovely to work with. I am so pleased with my eyebrows I will probably do the permanent eyeliner as well.

Rona M. , Bay Area CA

I've taken my 13 year old son and my 17 year old daughter several times to Brigitte for an acne facial and she is terrific! She is an excellent esthetician (highly skilled in extractions which is a talent!) and extremely knowledgeable. Brigitte listens to her clients concerns and responds accordingly. The studio is cozy, clean and well appointed. I find The Face and Body Studio pricing to be very reasonable. I would highly recommend Brigitte to my friends and we will definitely be returning soon.

Lynn G. , Bay Area CA

United States

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