Tiffany McRae

Fixed Sessions

About Tiffany McRae

Tiffany is a Stylist at Fixed Sessions. Tiifany has been in the industry for many years and professionally 6 years now. Education has been a non stop part of her career and in that she has been blessed to assist some of the best , From Photoshoots with Derrick Scurry to Chuck Amos as well as working under the Fabulous Hadiiya Barbel. She has also worked for some of the best Salons such as Cutler Salon in Soho , Dry bar , and Dream Dry . Tiffany has traveled the world from Jamaica to Dominican republic and as well as locally here in Newyork to Give Brides and Their Bridal Parties Excellent Beauty  Experiences to last a lifetime. Fixed Session also offer Makeup Service for any occasion . Tiffany Support the idea of self care and in that your hair plays such an important role in how you feel. She is always  here ready and willing to meet new clients and build relationships that will help clients discovery their best hair care treatments as well as styling techniques that work for each individual.

United States

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