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Toni D'Anna

About "Curlylocks" @ Ouidad certified salon

Toni received special training with Ouidad, famously known as NYC’s “queen of curl”, whose curly hair revolution has been seen in fashion magazines, on Broadway, and on the runways of Fashion Week. Inspired by the excitement this new technique generated, Toni joined the foundation styling team for Ouidad's new West Coast flagship salon in Santa Monica, CA. where she continued to bring pleasure to those endowed by nature with curly hair, until she relocated to Thousand Oaks, CA to open her own salon, Curlylocks, a Quidad Certified Salon. What to expect at Curlylocks. At Curlylocks, clients in the Ventura county area will finally be able to enjoy Quidad’s trademarked curly haircutting technique, luxurious hair treatments and styling products --formulated by Ouidad exclusively for curly hair – artfully delivered with Toni’s talent for catering to all the needs of her curly hair clients. The curly hair expert. Toni understands Curly hair and knows its nature is delicate to chemicals and our environment and has treatments for every type of curl damage or problem. These special treatment routines also keep your hair healthy when you occasionally want to use irons to straighten or wear a large curl for the day. Extensive education and experience in hair color design combined with the nature of curly hair uniquely qualifies Toni as a curly hair expert. She knows every curly head of hair is different in a variety of ways and inconsistent curl pattern and size is a common problem for which she has many options and solutions. Texture, density, curl pattern, color, damage and your curly hair goals are all taken into account before she customizes your style. Curl special effects. One of Toni’s unique talents is “curl special effects” which turn hair problems into gorgeous solutions. These include: Softening your curl pattern, adding curls where needed, hair additions for fine or thin hair and many more.

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