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Hey Guys, it’s me, thetylercollection.

A video of me leaked recently, stars little 3 year old Tyler, talking into a curling iron, telling the camera, I’m going to be a barber when I grow up. It’s truly iconic.

When you sit in my chair, you are either going to be filled with an overwhelming amount of excitement to come back, or you won’t be able to run to your car fast enough... either way, I understand but your hair will still be fabulous no matter what.. the reason I say that? I am authentic, I’m honest, I’m loud, I have no filter what’s so ever, curse like a sailor and openly talk about the insane stories surrounding my life.

I’m a 5 year color specialist and brand Ambassador for Bellami Hair, specializing in bright blondes, rooty blondes, and tape in extensions, let’s be real, you name it, I’ll achieve it.

I strive to be at the absolute TOP of my game. I never stop learning or bettering my career.

If you show up with a straw and a redbull, you’ll automatically be my new best friend, if you show up, swell my ego, and tell me my eye brows look good? I’ll marry you.

I’m still waiting on Kris Jenner to hire me as the Kardashian’s personal hair stylist but until then follow me on Instagram and text me directly (I seriously never see my missed calls or voicemails) to set up an appointment or complimentary consultation!

(810) 498-5472

Instagram: @thetylercollection


United States

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