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About Tyler Reid

My name is Tyler Reid, I’m the co-owner of Bella Hair Lounge studio inside Sola Salon’s Brighton, and I’m a 4 year experienced master colorist.

Growing up, the most iconic video of me as a child, stars little 3 year old Tyler, talking into a curling iron, telling the camera, I’m gonna be a barber when I grow up.

My Mother was a 22 year licensed barber and owned multiple salons throughout her life.

I knew that eventually when the time was right, it was an industry that I would stumble into. I never believed that it would become my career, my passion, and truly mean everything to me.

Creating beauty isn’t just my 9-5, it is my life.

I am strictly a colorist. I do not cut hair any longer. I heard someone I look up to say “Life is too short to do something that doesn’t bring you joy” and that is exactly how I feel about cutting.

I primarily specialize in blondes, California blondes/brondes, and natural balayage.

However there isn’t a color you can show me that I can’t find a way to achieve.

I’m 24, I’m a workaholic, I’m loud, I have no filter, I curse like a sailor and haven’t found way to control it, I guess that makes me… me.

Please check out my Instagram: @thetylercollection

(on my Instagram page, there is a icon that says “FAQ” which lists my pricing, all of my polices and any FAQ that you may have)

I highly recommend texting me for all appointments, it is much easier for me to communicate with text.

My direct line is (810) 498-5472

United States

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