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A Private Salon Owner and Master Barber/Stylist Dwight Posey 

Sincerity and raw talent are two attributes not regularly found in your average stylist.  Dwight, however, is no average stylist.  Master Barber/Stylist and Moroccanoil Loyalty Salon owner.  Dwight’s looks have traveled globally, from Indonesia to Africa, to Europe, and all across North America. For almost 20 years, Dwight has proven himself to be one of the best hairstylists in the industry. Not only has he been a Master Barber he is also a Master Hairstylist that has high command of artistic color and design. 

He began his career at age 14 helping his mother be a weekend, 'kitchen beautician' where he learned the arts of Barbering and Marcel ironing. After years of working on friends and family, Dwight completed a course in Cosmetology at a Paul Mitchell education center and began training under Master Barber Charles Phillips where he developed new designs in Unisex Barbering on all textures of hair, mastered application techniques for cream relaxers and thermal straightening. Soon the desire to learn more took him to Trade Secrets where he learned a repertoire of color, design cutting and styling techniques for every texture, as he worked alongside a diverse group of experienced professionals who collectively inspired him to work on ALL textures. The next decade was spent applying his craft to a diverse clientele, trade shows, fashion shows, weddings, photo shoots and much more.  Currently, Dwight travels and sees clients in limited engagements Wednesday thru Saturday in Naperville, Illinois where he can be found applying his creative talent.

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