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About Zenaida Aishman
Owner, Zenaida Fiducioso, began her career as a hair stylist back in 2000 but had a knack for ripping body hair out in a swift and professional manner. Wielding wax and other sticky mediums for hair removal was a challenge she wanted to master, so she decided to nurture this skill. Her past experience with this part of the industry includes working for smaller day spas, a medical spa, and resort spas which includes one world-class spa. After dedicating years to the skincare trade Zenaida decided to set out on her own in 2010 and established her brand Foxy Box. With an eclectic need for hairlessness in mind, she's set a high quality standard for hair removal that many people come to experience.

"I've been going here for a couple of years now and the service is truly the best! There are always great deals and customer service is the first priority!"

-Rhianna M. , Yelp

"Zenaida and her waxing business are true blessings to San Diego. She is not only professional, but she is also a great friend to all of her clients."

-Stefanie C. , Yelp

"Foxy Box is a 30-minute drive from my home, and is COMPLETELY worth it. If you want your fuzzy bits handled with care, go to here!"

-Beth H. , Yelp

United States

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