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Mother's day graphic

Mama, you've been working hard! With the kids at home and constant COVID stressors, you deserve to kick back, relax and enjoy Mother’s Day, quarantine-style. Here are 10 ways to take care of YOU this Mother’s Day:

1. Take a long walk 🚶‍♀️

Block out some time this weekend to go for a nice long walk. You can make this a family activity or go solo! Bring headphones and listen to a good audiobook or podcast or leave the tech at home and connect with some peace and quiet. Something about getting fresh air and moving your body does wonders for a quick mood boost. Plus, spring has sprung - get out there end enjoy it! 

2. Meditate 🧘‍♀️

Meditating doesn’t have to be a long and intricate process. It can be short, sweet and simple - something as small as closing your eyes and taking 5 deep breaths. If you want some guidance, try downloading an app and listening to a guided meditation. Insight Timer and Calm are great options! Taking a minute to slow down and be present, not worrying about all the things on your to-do list or the general state of the world, can make a huge difference in your day.

3. Write Down 3 Reasons You Are Grateful For Your Kids 🙏

Having an attitude of gratitude amidst all the chaos that you may be experiencing can be hard to do. But shifting your mindset can simple! Grab a pen and paper and write down why you are thankful for your kiddos. After all, they are the reason you get to celebrate this lovely day! 

4. Take a Hot Bath with Epsom Salts 🛀

Since you can't go to the spa this Mother's Day, why not bring the spa to you?! This year, create a wonderful spa experience in the comfort of your own bathroom. And the best part? It's free! Just grab your favorite candles, make a cup of tea (or cocktail) of your choice, grab a good book, play some relaxing tunes, draw a bath, and enjoy! Maybe throw on a DIY face mask while you’re at it: a spa oasis is just a room away! 

5. Get Inspired! ✨

Obviously being a business owner is a job - but you’re working double duty while being a full-time #MomBoss! Get re-inspired by your awesomeness by reading this blog about being a working mom, and then listen to this Sola Stories episode with #MomBoss, Kelsey Morris. Two reminders that you’re a total rockstar - but that you’re also not in this alone. 

6. Schedule A Virtual Date with Your Girlfriends or Other Mom Friends 💻

A Zoom call over mimosas and catching up with your BFFs is the perfect way to spend a Sunday. Talk about your favorite memories with one another, and plan a few post-quarantine activities to look forward to.

7. Schedule “Me-Time” 🙌

Whether that means a yoga sesh, reading your fave book, or giving yourself a much-needed mani-pedi, work some designated “me-time” into your day. And there’s no better place to have a little bit of me-time than in the comfort and convenience of your own home. 

8. Pick Flowers For a DIY Bouquet of Spring Flowers 💐

Nothing says Mother’s Day like a bouquet of flowers. Why not make an activity out of it? Springtime and freshly picked flowers are the perfect duo - and make for a cute kitchen table centerpiece to brighten your home, too! 

9. Order Your Favorite Meal - No Cooking on Mother's Day! 🍽

Cooking might be something you enjoy on a regular basis, but if you really want to treat yourself today, ordering food from your favorite restaurant is most definitely the move. Try to support local if you can, and if the weather is nice enough, enjoy your meal outside for a backyard picnic! 

10. Watch Your Favorite Movie or Show 📺🍿

Winding down the night with some popcorn and a pint of ice cream, topped off with your favorite movie? Yes, please! Check out this list of binge-worthy shows and movies put together by Vanityfair just for you this Mother’s Day!

No matter how you choose to spend your Mother’s Day this year, remember that it is still your special day - and we hope that you find a way to make it special and relaxing. Because, well, you deserve it! 💙

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