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"When I first moved my salon Blessed Hands to Sola Salons Studios, I had no idea how much of a blessing it would be. I went in, incorporated a special design with a purpose in mind. My goal is to always cater to the needs and wants of my guests. Sola Salons has allowed me to do just that, without missing a beat!"

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Romona's Salon

"For the past 6 years Sola has given me the flexibility to build my business without limits. I'm a mother of two and a wife, and life has its demands. I'm able to adjust my schedule as I see fit. One of my favorite things about Sola is the fact that my studio is my studio – I completely control the atmosphere."

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Joy Love

Joy Love’s Hair & Image Studio

"I love that I have my very own space where I can do business the way I want to, and that I can decorate as I like. I get to focus on my clients without any salon drama to interfere."

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Katina Eisenbeis

Katina's Salon

"Even though we are all self-employed, everyone works together as a team to help each other be the best we can be. This has been the best decision I have made in my career!"

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Ashlie Parks

5th & Mane

"Being a boss means you're in charge of your own income, have creative control, make your own schedule, and are responsible for your own success."

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Eric Keosakdy

SaBai Salon LLC

"This is the first time my clients have felt comfortable referring their friends to me. Sola has provided me with the professional environment that I needed to grow my business."

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Gina Greco

Creative Hair by Gina

"My studio provides total relaxation for the client and a wonderful one-on-one experience where it's all about them."

Jo avatar@2x

Jo Martinez

Studio London

"My studio is an extension of me and the artist within me! The most exiting thing is, the sky is the limit!"

Autumn avatar@2x

Autumn Morris

GlamLocks Studio

"Having my own salon allows me the freedom of creating my own schedule to work smarter not harder."

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Kim Bennett Horvath

Kim Bennett Studios

"I've created a 4 wall atmosphere for my clients that they love. Sola made the esthetics modern; I love the cabinetry, privacy and being in a 2 chair studio with my own shampoo bowl. I couldn't ask for more."

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Fernando Adame

Final Cut

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