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Throughout our time at Paul Mitchell’s Business rEvolution, our brains were filled with knowledge and our hearts were touched by the love and energy that filled the room. Topics ranged from social media to retailing to business by the numbers, but much of the magic was in the wisdom and profound messages that inspired us to think deeper, to think bigger. The greatest honor of all was seeing our very own Culture Ambassador, Kim Bennett Horvath, on stage among the legends, including John Paul DeJoria, Robert Cromeans, Winn Claybaugh and Tim Storey. For a taste of the inspiration, check out 12 of the lessons we took home with us.

  1. No matter what age you are, no matter what your background is, you can achieve a lot more than you think…as long as you know you can. (John Paul DeJoria)
  2. Be dependable and always aim to improve upon yourself, without making excuses. (John Paul DeJoria)
  3. Be a HEARstylist: it’s important to look at each guest individually, one at a time, and truly listen. (Kim Bennett Horvath)
  4. Choose to partner with the brands and people who will support you. Your brand, your distributor, your regional director, your sales rep, and even look at Sola as your partner. Lean forward into the companies you choose to partner with and follow the systems. (Kim Bennett Horvath)
  5. We all start from somewhere and we grow and continue to get better day after day. It’s important to take risks, to take a plunge. (Larissa Love)
  6. With hard work and dedication to your dream, you can make anything happen. It takes patience and time; don’t give up on your dreams. (Larissa Love)
  7. Have a critical eye for your salon business, and allow yourself to experience it each and every day as a customer would. From the parking lot, to the first step into your salon, look around and take notice of every little detail. (Terri and Steve Cowan)
  8. Don’t get too comfortable; you need to have regular, ongoing disciplines. You have to do the basics right, try not to suck! Every part of your clients’ experience has to be top notch. Don’t be at risk for someone else doing it better than you. (Terri and Steve Cowan)
  9. Frequency of visit is everything. You don’t need thousands of clients. You need 200 guests to come back to visit you a couple extra times a year. (Robert Cromeans)
  10. Talent can be taught. Character stays with you forever. (Winn Claybaugh)
  11. Be present. Life is all about being present and building connections. Be authentic, be a good listener, and be available to people. (Winn Claybaugh)
  12. You have royalty in your DNA, and everywhere you go…everywhere you go, you have great and profound influence. (Tim Storey)
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