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Polly ep11 blog cover

At Sola, we’re committed to creating a culture of mutual respect and acceptance. We stand for equality, and we stand together, in solidarity, to create change. 

This episode was recorded prior to the launch of the Sola Stories podcast, with a Sola professional who has a heart of gold, and at 75 years young, has been behind the chair for 55 years. Polly Sanders-Peterson was the first black student accepted into her beauty college and was the first black salon owner in Denver's primarily white, affluent Cherry Creek neighborhood. 

In 1965, while her friends and family marched with Martin Luther King Jr., Polly used her talents as a hairstylist to unite people of all races by offering free haircuts to black and white women. Today, in addition to her work behind the chair, Polly also works as an outreach pastor and visits a women’s prison weekly to share the power of hope with the people who need it most. She has been a thriving business owner of her Sola salon, Polly & Company, for 15 years and continues to use her love of people and hair to make a lasting impact behind the chair and beyond. 

Polly is one of the most empowering and uplifting people we know, and we couldn’t think of a better time to share her heartfelt and inspiring words with you. 


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In This Episode

[02:20] Welcome to the show, Polly!

[02:37] Polly shares how exciting it was to be one of the 2018 Faces of Sola.

[04:05] How did you initially get into hairdressing?

[06:37] As soon as Polly walked into beauty college, she fell in love with the industry.

[08:21] Polly speaks about her career journey and finding the place that gave her confidence and allowed her to grow.

[10:47] Polly shares the story of how she made it to Cherry Creek.

[13:26] How did you eventually end up at Sola?

[15:24] Polly was within the first 30 stylists in the Sola community.

[16:05] What fear did you have when you started over at Sola at 60 years old?

[18:18] Polly speaks about her experience at the Sola Cherry Creek community.

[21:29] Polly discusses why giving back is such a priority in her life.

[24:04] Polly shares doing free haircuts during the Martin Luther King Jr. march in the late 60s.

[26:06] "No work is insignificant; all labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence" - Martin Luther King Jr.

[28:07] When and how did you learn to love yourself?

[28:03] Polly shares how she overcame the negative and rejection in her life.

[30:43] What do you love about yourself now?

[32:19] Polly gives some advice for people who are struggling to love themselves.

[33:41] Polly discusses her most rewarding moment as a hairdresser.

[34:46] What is the best life or career advice they have given you?

[35:28] Polly shares some last words of wisdom for the listeners.

[37:37] Thank you so much for being here with us today on the Sola Stories podcast.

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