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Jodi cali ep14 blog cover

As her first Solaversary approached, Staten Island stylist Jodi Cali had no idea that she would soon be fighting for her life. In January 2020, Jodi was diagnosed with breast cancer, and shortly after her first chemo treatment, she could not get out of bed. She experienced a lot of pain around her neck and throat and thought it was due to the side effects of her treatments. But after her symptoms continued to worsen, she learned she had also contracted COVID-19.

On this episode of Sola Stories, hear how Jodi found the strength to keep fighting, the support she has received from her family, Sola community, and her clients, and how this challenge has given her a new outlook on life. Through this experience, Jodi has remembered the importance of putting your needs and self-care first in order to be able to be there for the ones you love.

We brought Jodi onto the Sola Stories podcast to share her story of strength, hope, and faith. We hope that if you or anyone you know is going through tough times, this conversation will lift you up and inspire you to raise your head and keep soldiering on.  

Listen To Episode 14 🎧


In This Episode

[01:15] Welcome to the show, Jodi!

[02:00] Jodi shares opening her Sola studio, getting separated from her husband, and not going to a followup mamo when they suggested she come back.

[04:41] Jodi discusses feeling a lump and getting her breast cancer diagnosis.

[05:19] She went in for her first chemo treatment and about two weeks later she was diagnosed with COVID-19.

[07:59] Did you stay in the hospital or were you sent home?

[08:59] Jodi shares how her family handled her having COVID-19.

[11:43] She speaks about how she communicated with her clients through the COVID-19 and chemo.

[13:49] What is your Sola community like in Staten Island?

[15:10] Jodi shares how she found the strength to keep fighting during this tough time.

[19:15] Jodi discusses her step-mother having her second round of breast cancer before being diagnosed.

[24:09] You have to take care of yourself first before you do anything else.

[26:39] How has this affected your relationship with your children?

[27:22] Jodi speaks about what she is looking forward to when the next 11 treatments are over.

[30:00] What advice would you give someone who is going through what you are?

[31:55] Jodi shares how she wants to use her experiences to inspire others.

[34:32] Do you know where to go on social media for inspirational quotes?

[35:24] Thank you so much for sharing your story!

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