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Episode 22: Your Mental Health Matters with Dr. Allan Ribbler image

As the majority of our #SolaFam has returned to work in the salon, with some still in forced closure in California, we’ve begun to hear from our community that the weight of these new, unforeseen challenges have become harder to bear. To support you through this time, we wanted to bring a mental health professional onto the podcast to help you sort through the fear, anxiety and overwhelming emotion you may be feeling, and help you take care of yourself, in addition to all the clients you serve behind the chair. 

Dr. Allan Ribbler is a neurobehavioral psychologist, who also happens to be the father of our Sola Stories Podcast producer, Angela Ribbler. Dr. Ribbler chatted with Kim Bennett, Sola’s Culture Ambassador, for an open and honest conversation about the emotional burden of COVID-19, as well as tools and strategies you can use to create boundaries for yourself both in and out of the salon.  

Have you ever thought about seeing a therapist? Not sure when the right time to seek therapy is or where to start looking for one? Dr. Ribbler believes that most people seek therapy when they are in distress, but it can be helpful to have a therapist to help with your day-to-day life and get to know you before a major personal crisis hits. And just like it’s important to have trust and connection with your clients, he says the same goes with finding the right therapist and suggests ways to find one that’s the right for you. 

Working behind the chair, it’s likely you’ve also been hearing about the negative impacts of the pandemic daily with your clients. Tune in to get Dr. Ribbler’s tips on turning the conversation around when you need to protect your own energy. 

This very special podcast episode can not only help you navigate this pandemic with a bit more ease, but will give you eye-opening tips to help you overcome any challenge you may face in your career or personal life for years to come.

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In This Episode

[05:32] Welcome to the show, Dr. Ribbler!

[05:50] Dr. Ribbler shares his background and the settings he has practiced in.

[07:18] Dr. Ribbler speaks about the range of anxiety disorders people are having with this pandemic.

[10:08] Kim says that she is a “hear-stylist” because so much listening is involved when working behind the chair.

[10:44] Being in the service industry, how important is it for us to listen to our clients?

[13:30] Kim shares the absence of boundaries with clients.

[15:22] Dr. Ribbler shares how to be empathetic with your clients, but leave that in the salon so you can be your best self at home. Know your values and apply them to yourself.

[19:10] Dr. Ribbler speaks about a tool that will help you take the things you do at work and shut them off when you go home.

[21:20] Kim shares that she didn’t realize she was close to burnout until the pandemic hit.

[22:17] Dr. Ribbler discusses when it’s time to seek professional help.

[23:40] He says most people get help when they are distressed.

[27:12] Listen as Dr. Ribbler speaks about whether you need to see a therapist regularly or only when you need it.

[30:15] Dr. Ribbler discusses how to find the best therapist that’s right for you.

[35:45] Kim says that when she started as a stylist 30 years ago, nobody talked about mental health care, but now a lot of them do.

[36:55] Dr. Ribbler shares some resources for finding a therapist.

[39:06] Do you have a limit on how much COVID you can take a day?

[40:21] Dr. Ribbler suggests ways to steer the conversation away from COVID and bring it back to happy times.

[42:28] Dr. Ribbler shares some final thoughts for the listeners.

[43:18] Thank you so much for being on the show and sharing your wisdom!

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