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Episode 23: Staying Balanced In + Out of the Salon with Canada's First Sola Stylist, Roxanne Muir image

On this episode of the Sola Stories Podcast, Jennie chats with the first beauty professional in Canada to take the leap of faith and join the Sola family. Roxanne has always been go-getter, starting her career with an apprenticeship at age 15. Tune in to hear this feisty firecracker’s journey behind the chair and what's currently happening in Canada and her studio.

Roxanne shares how she got started in hairdressing, her journey of getting licensed, landing her first job, and the lessons she learned in the early stages in her career. Roxanne speaks about her various salon experiences - from apprenticing to booth rent to owning her own traditional salons - and why she was so eager to jump at the chance to move to Sola when the first Canada location opened in Toronto!

She believes that a Sola studio is a perfect solution for her and that the possibilities at Sola are endless. Roxanne also discusses how she handled the pandemic closures in Canada and how easy it was to get back on track once given the go-ahead to reopen.

Roxanne feels that a Sola studio allows her to both keep an active personal life and take care of her clients. In Canada, Sola now has three locations and is looking to open more. 

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In This Episode

[01:08] Welcome to the show, Roxanne!

[02:26] Roxanne speaks about her start as a hairstylist.

[03:34] Roxanne believes that being a hairstylist saved her life.

[05:00] How long is an apprenticeship in Canada before you get your license?

[06:17] Roxanne shares the first time she got to shampoo and the mess she made.

[07:31] When she was 16, she started hairdressing school.

[08:21] What kind of salons did you work in before you went out on your own?

[09:07] Roxanne speaks about when she first heard about Sola and what drew her to the salon suite concept.

[11:14] Roxanne believes most people open businesses because they want to control their environment.

[12:17] Roxanne speaks about having a Sola studio and how amazing it was to walk in and get right to work, without the need to remodel.

[14:49] Roxanne talks about the vibe she was able to create in her studio. 

[17:36] Roxanne discusses how a Sola salon is the perfect salon environment for her.

[22:38] Do you feel like customers are looking for safer ways to get their hair done? 

[24:27] Roxanne shares how the pandemic affected her personally and how the industry gave her purpose again.

[25:44] Roxanne says that her clients knew she was reopening before she did.

[26:38] She talks about all of her clients wanting to get in right when she reopened and how she managed scheduling them all to come in.

[29:25] Roxanne discusses how Sola allows her to create balance between her personal life and salon life.

[31:05] Roxanne speaks about her son and how he has always been her number 1 support.

[33:01] Where do you see yourself going from here?

[35:51] Roxanne says that having a Sola studio has allowed her to create her career.

[37:28] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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