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Episode 30: Learning Through Love with Geno Stampora image

To fully span the extent of Geno Stampora’s impressive career in the beauty industry, we’d need a much longer podcast. Before becoming the successful owner of multiple salons and beauty academies, as well as one of the most celebrated and sought-after motivational speakers in the industry, Geno learned first-hand what it meant to be successful working behind the chair. Geno will tell you himself, he’s not the best hairdresser in the industry, but his inept ability to understand people is what has kept his career thriving for decades. We are thrilled to bring this vivacious industry expert, mentor and a true friend to the Sola family, onto the Sola Stories podcast. 

Listen, as Geno speaks about the skills you need to create meaningful connections with your clients, as well as three invaluable pieces of advice for salon owners to ensure your career continues to grow and evolve with the times.

Geno believes that the beauty industry is a blank slate, “a place where we can recreate the future and actually recreate the way we are seen in and actually do business.” Tune in for this conversation that will keep you on the edge of your seat and on the cutting edge of your career. 

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In This Episode

[00:57] Thank you so much for joining us on the show, Geno!

[01:43] Geno shares how he fell into the beauty industry.

[04:10] Geno speaks about the practice of giving 100%, 100% of the time.

[05:42] Listen as Geno discusses how he gained the skill to connect with everyone he meets.

[07:16] After being an educator for 35 years, Geno believes in the beauty industry and says that “everyone can be and do what they want to be and do.”

[09:11] What were your biggest takeaways from the Nashville Sola Sessions?

[12:55] Geno shares the advice he would give Sola professionals at this point in time.

[15:00] Geno believes this is a great time of learning.

[17:08] Listen as Geno discusses what he wants every salon owner to brush up on during this time of COVID.

[19:38] Geno speaks about the problems people have with communication.

[21:55] Kim shares how she set her salon up so that guests could see that she was sanitizing and keeping everyone safe.

[23:01] Geno says that we are in a “blank slate where we can recreate the future and actually recreate the way we are seen in and actually do business.”

[23:44] What would you say to a new entrepreneur coming to Sola for the first time?

[26:59] Geno speaks about how to give back to the industry.

[29:25] The answer is to believe in yourself!

[30:52] Geno says that he is so proud of what Kim has accomplished, but he’s even prouder of what she’s going to accomplish.

[31:14] Geno shares some final words for the listeners.

[32:42] Thank you for being on the Sola Stories Podcast!

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