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Episode 31: From Thirsty to Thriving with Morgan Abernathy image

Full-spectrum colorist and 2020 Faces of Sola, Morgan Abernathy, has truly created a career that spans the spectrum of the beauty industry. She has gone from being told she wasn’t good enough to ever be a “great hairdresser,” to owning her own salon, educating for brands like Pulp Riot, Brazilian Bond Builder and Colortrak, and has grown an Instagram following of nearly 50K followers. But beyond all of her aspirational accomplishments, what we love most about Morgan is the fact that she is always authentic, wholehearted and unapologetically herself. 

Tune in to this inspirational episode of Sola Stories to hear Morgan share how she went from being homeless and living in her car, to being the flourishing owner of her salon, Colored in Chaos. 

Listen, as Morgan discusses how she grew her social media following and her advice to overcome writer’s block and nail that perfect Instagram caption. 

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In This Episode

[01:20] Thank you so much for joining us on the show, Morgan!

[01:35] Morgan shares her background and her start in the hair industry.

[03:21] Morgan speaks about being homeless during beauty school. 

[06:53] How did you climb out of the hole you fell into while being homeless?

[10:47] Morgan discusses the excitement of opening up her Sola studio and how she had the confidence to go out independently.

[13:00] She shares that it took about two years to create the culture and vibe she wanted in her salon.

[14:15] How did you build your book of business?

[16:47] Morgan shares some tips for anyone wanting to build their business using social media.

[20:45] Morgan speaks about using models for her photos and using those for her Instagram posts.

[22:54] Morgan says that she is a night owl and uses her evenings to post to social media.

[24:36] How do you get over your anxiety when posting on social media?

[27:51] Morgan shares how she came up with chaos as her brand.

[30:45] Morgan says that being in a Sola studio allows her to be independent, creative and true to herself.

[33:29] Listen as Morgan shares some advice for hairdressers wanting to start out on their own.

[35:23] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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