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Episode 33: How To Be a Content Queen with Angela Ribbler image

On this episode of Sola Stories, we are talking about all things social media, and who better to have on the show than Sola’s Social Media and Content Strategist, or as we like to call her our Content Queen, Angela Ribbler. Angela joined the Sola team in August 2018 after working 5 years in the music industry. It was her thirst for more creativity in her job that led her to Sola and today, she is the creative brain behind Sola’s blog, social media content, email newsletters, and so much more. It was also her passion that led to the creation of Sola Stories podcast! 

Tune in to this episode to get tips from this social media savant to help grow your business. Angela shares her insights about each social media platform - from Facebook to Instagram to TikTok - and how to utilize and create content for each to reach your goals. 

Angela also shares valuable tips like how to write a compelling caption, how to take a great Instagram photo and advice for social media beginners. She even shares some secret tips to get your content shared on Sola’s social media! 

 If you’re looking to up your salon’s social media game, this episode will turn your social not-working into successful social networking in no time 💯

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In This Episode

[01:50] Welcome to the show, Angela!

[03:07] Angela shares her background and journey to Sola.

[05:54] Jennie speaks about all the things Angela is involved in behind-the-scenes at Sola.

[06:58] Angela discusses why she loves social media.

[09:33] Jennie says that she loves tools like Instagram Stories and how social media is like a stage.

[11:36] Angela shares her favorite social media platforms.

[15:06] Listen as Angela discusses which social media platform is the best one for you to grow your business.

[17:38] Jennie and Angela speak about how important Facebook is when it comes to search engine optimization.

[19:05] Angela shares her insights on Instagram and how it serves as a visual look book.

[22:10] Angela speaks about TikTok and why she likes this platform.

[24:43] The most important thing is to be where your customers are. 

[25:39] What do you think the components are of a great post?

[28:46] Angela shares how you can create a content strategy based on what your objectives are.

[30:08] Angela speaks about what makes a great photo.

[33:40] Test out different areas of your studio and see which area takes the best photos.

[36:15] Angela shares some hacks for writing good captions.

[38:56] Inspiration can strike at any time, so keep a notebook to write down captions you might use on those days you face writer’s block.

[41:01] Listen as Angela discusses what someone should do if they want to capture her attention to be featured on Sola’s social media.

[42:57] The best hashtag you can use is #solasalons or to tag @solasalons in your posts .

[44:20] Angela gives her best advice for someone just starting out on social media.

[46:31] Don't let the fear of trying something new keep you from doing it.

[47:08] Find Sola blogs at www.solasalonstudios.com/blog.

[48:15] Thank you for listening!

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