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Episode 48: Setting Up Salon Sanitation Systems image

When salons first shut down at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we immediately turned to our friends at Barbicide to educate our community on how to safely return to their salon as soon as governments allowed. Barbicide’s National Director of Education, Leslie Roste, and Sola’s Kim Bennett co-hosted a webinar on sanitation best practices, and we worked alongside the Barbicide team to create a customized Back-to-Work Plan to help our independent salon owners reopen #SolaStrong. We are grateful for our ongoing partnership with Barbicide and are thrilled to welcome Leslie back to the Sola community on the Sola Stories Podcast! 

Listen, as Leslie and Kim chat about setting up sanitation systems that will make your salon safety efficient and effective as you continue to navigate the pandemic and beyond. Curious on what systems should you keep and what should you leave behind? Tune in to hear Leslie and Kim answer all your burning questions and more!

Leslie also shares dialogue you can use with your clients when discussing sanitation and how to show, not just tell, them you care about their health and safety. As Leslie says, you are a service first and a luxury second. 

Leslie also reminds us that you can't take care of others if you neglect taking care of yourself. Whether it’s using the 10 minutes you have while sanitizing your tools in between clients to get a drink of water, step outside to take a mask break, or simply sit down and ground yourself, taking care of yourself should be as much of a priority as taking care of your clients.


In This Episode

[01:24] Welcome to the show, Leslie!

[03:55] Kim gives her perspective when going through the first shutdown.

[05:36] Leslie speaks about some systems to put in place in your studio for your and your client's safety.

[08:09] Messaging that you are trying to do the right thing and then follow through.

[11:03] To set up your systems, go to the Covid-19 Resource Center or check out our webinars.

[11:46] Leslie discusses having new dialogue around the pandemic with your clients.

[13:34] Remember, you are a service first and luxury second.

[16:31] Kim speaks about her Barbicide recertifications.

[18:16] When you go home each night, you should feel confident you aren't taking the virus home to your family.

[20:14] Leslie shares that she got COVID, and so did her husband. Doing everything right just means you are safer, not 100% safe.

[21:35] Leslie discusses what happens when she talks to states to keep licensure in place.

[23:16] On the “2021...Now What” webinar Leslie did for Sola, she gave a checklist to make sure you are taking care of yourself.

[25:28] It takes 10 mins for your disinfectant to work, so take that 10 mins and center yourself.

[27:01] When you wear a mask, it's harder to remember to drink as much water as you should.

[29:11] Leslie believes that you should do what works best for you regarding efficiency with infection control.

[30:59] Labeling things is a great way to let people know that you have a sanitization process.

[33:42] It's the little things that say ‘I care about you.’ 

[36:40] Kim discusses the amazing partnership the Sola Pro app has with Barbicide.

[39:02] Leslie speaks about the new certification Barbicide is doing for 2021.

[41:13] Thank you for being on the show!

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