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Episode 69: Charging Hourly with Ashley Lantz image

During The Sola Sessions Reconnected, we hosted a panel discussion about charging what you're worth. We received a lot of questions about charging hourly from Ashley Lantz - so many, in fact, that we decided to bring her on as a guest to discuss her recent change in price structure. Ashley is the owner of MAUVE Salon in Avondale, Arizona as well as one of the 2018 Faces of Sola and a member of Thrivers Society. She is a speciality colorist and has grown into a very successful salon owner over the last five years at Sola.

Ashley joins us to talk about her recent decision to charge hourly and her best tips to make the change yourself. She offers advice on how to determine an hourly rate that is appropriate for you and your business as well as how to set your prices if you're going straight into a salon studio as opposed to transitioning from one salon to another. This insightful conversation is a must-listen if you are considering making the change to hourly pricing or could use a boost to start charging what you’re worth! 


In This Episode

[0:58] – We got so many questions from Ashley Lantz about charging hourly.

[2:31] – Ashley has grown into a larger studio over time.

[5:00] – How Ashley priced her services when she first moved into Sola

[6:20] – Learn how to price your services if you're going straight into a studio.

[8:18] – How Ashley rebranded between her previous salon and her new salon

[9:30] – What inspired Ashley to charge hourly.

[11:07] – What was most difficult for Ashley about making her pricing structure transition.

[15:09] – Charging hourly is a good way to get rid of services that don't serve you anymore.

[16:21] – Ashley offers more reasons to switch to charging hourly.

[17:52] – How Ashley plans to track success with her new pricing structure

[19:54] – Learn how Ashley chose her hourly rate.

[22:07] – Ashley discusses determining your hourly rate using the goal digger method.

[24:42] – Ashley used SolaGenius to tell her clients about the change in pricing structure.

[27:42] – It's so difficult to avoid emotional discounts for loyal customers.

[29:25] – Ashley talks about the relationship between prices and rent.

[32:20] – One of the main reasons stylists join Sola is to avoid traditional salons and commissions.

[33:23] – Reach out to Ashley on Instagram.

[34:11] – Last words of wisdom for anyone considering changing to charging hourly.

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