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Episode 88: Sleigh The Holidays with SolaGenius image

The holiday season is in full swing, which means back-to-back appointments, text and email marketing, gift card promotions, and one final retail push. With so much going on, things can feel hectic... but you don’t have to do it all alone - SolaGenius, the all-in-one salon management app, is here to help you during the busiest time of the year. 

In this episode, we are joined by 2021 Faces of Sola Drew Inge, Ashlie Garner and Kim Pags, as well as Dani Ostrove, Account Manager with our partners at GlossGenius. They discuss how SolaGenius has changed their businesses for the better, especially during the holidays. Tune in to find out how SolaGenius can set and protect your boundaries, and about all the customizable content, including: social media templates, custom booking links, and even reports and metrics specific to your business. 

Whether you are already an avid SolaGenius user or are considering making the switch, this episode is a must-listen. Find out how our professionals are using the app in creative and profitable ways and how you, too, can use this digital assistant to sleigh the holidays!


In This Episode:

[1:11] - Our guests, Kim, Drew and Ashlie, introduce themselves and share their favorite features of SolaGenius.

[3:41] - Your time and policies are protected with SolaGenius.

[5:16] - Kim shares why she loves the appointment approval feature.

[7:30] - Another huge time saver is sharing your customizable booking link on your social media to allow clients to book straight from Instagram.

[9:08] - There’s a step-by-step guide on the Sola blog that will show you how to add your links to different types of sites.

[10:01] - Your own forms and waivers can be added into SolaGenius.

[11:31] - The gift card feature in SolaGenius is a great tool to slay the holidays.

[13:01] - Promotional gift cards help boost sales and give existing clients an incentive to purchase them.

[14:57] - Text marketing is helpful to promote gift card purchasing straight through an online link.

[16:41] - You can use each feature of SolaGenius in your own way that meets the needs of your unique business.

[17:41] - Learn how to set up a text blast campaign with customizable templates.

[19:30] - You can also set up criteria to target specific clients for different promotions or services.

[21:17] - The text campaign feature will also track how many people you’ve reached and how much money it has brought in.

[23:06] - Text messages are more successful in being read and acted upon rather than emails.

[24:36] - Through trial and error, Drew has decided on how often to text or email clients.

[27:15] - SolaGenius also has preloaded social media templates that can be customized for your brand.

[30:01] - The templates are great when time is limited to create something from scratch.

[31:30] - Drew, Ashlie and Kim share their strategies and what they focus on during the holidays.

[35:01] - It is very easy to add a discount and add in retail products at checkout through SolaGenius.

[37:09] - There are several reports and analytics to look through to help with tracking data.

[38:40] - Drew, Ashlie and Kim share their most important metrics and why they focus on tracking them.

[41:03] - The reports are easy to customize and filter which takes a lot of guesswork out of the numbers and metrics.

[42:07] - Dani shares the SolaGenius Holiday promo offer

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