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Get Organized: Tips for an End of Summer Studio Sweep image

Balancing work and life while running your own studio can at times get chaotic. With freedom comes responsibility - and nothing helps more to stay organized and efficient than tidying up. Keeping a clean and organized space truly improves productivity, efficiency, workflow and state of being. The summer is over - what better time to ready your studio for a productive fall? Just by cleaning shop, you’ll set the stage for a happier day at work. 


The KonMari method has been all the rage, following her best-selling book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and her Netflix special showcasing the decluttering process. Many people swear by her method for changing their lives entirely. We love this method for creating a beautiful space anywhere that you spend time - from your studio to your car to your home.

The “KonMari method” is a system created by Marie Kondo that revolves around decluttering your home and work environments to live the life you love. Her philosophy emphasizes that everything you own should ultimately bring you joy; therefore she encourages ridding your space of any physical items that do not bring you joy. 

Here are a few tips inspired by Marie Kondo to empower your end of summer decluttering studio sweep: 

1. Only keep things around you that bring you joy.

Remember that you are not deciding what to get rid of, you are deciding what to keep. Physically touch each item, and ruminate on its purpose and relevance in your life. Ask yourself a simple question: Does this spark joy? 

If the answer is no, get rid of it - sell, donate, gift, or throw it away. We recommend keeping labeled piles with these categories so that you know where you’d like each group of items to go once you are all cleared out. 

We like to also add a few other questions in clearing out a professional space: 

Is this in perfect condition or in need of repair?

Do not keep things in your professional space that appear tattered, worn out, stained or low quality. Fabrics should be clean and never pilling. Decor should be dusted and in good condition as well. Products should be tidy around the bottles and displayed properly, never with oils and gooks spilling around your space.  

Does this support the vision for my business?

What are you trying to create in your studio? A simple and beautiful transformation station? A fun and funky, upbeat environment? A sleek and chic haven? 


Decide what you would like for your space to feel like and only keep things that support that vision. 

Remember to truly take stock of each item that you keep in your studio. Do not just glaze over them with your eyes. Touch them, pick them up, examine their purpose, usefulness, aesthetic appeal and relevance. Do not keep anything that does not directly contribute to your joy and productivity. 

2. Only have things that you need around you, and those things must all have a place. 

Your salon should empower you to perform to the best of your abilities. We recommend that you keep your studio simple in design and aesthetic. If everything around you has a purpose and a place, your job will flow much more freely. 


In order to enhance ease of use, productivity and efficiency, your station should hold only things that empower you in your craft. Is your favorite comb handy? Can you always find it in the same place? Do you have a clean towel on the ready for any client needs? 

Think through the process of your services and create zones for each category. Maybe you keep all products in a labeled bin, or install a better holder on which to hang hot tools. The functionality of your space should be specific to you, so customize and maximize your salon to make work as easy as possible on yourself. 

Once you take stock of everything that you have, repurpose boxes and bins that you already have for storage by category. Keep all like items together for simple retrieval. For example, all small tools have a special box, while towels are kept in their own drawer. If there is anything in your space that does not have a specified place to live, either make a place for it or get rid of it. 

3. Beautiful space, beautiful place.

In your studio, energetically you want everything around you to look beautiful because your space and services are helping people to feel beautiful. 

We tend to overlook when things are no longer serving the aesthetic of our workspace. Day in and day out we are surrounded by the same items, causing us to grow numb to their effect on the room. Look at everything with fresh eyes. Is it useful? Is it beautiful? Does it need to be replaced? 


Clear out the old to make way for new energy. Your space creates the setting, mood and vibe for their transformation - how do you want them to feel? Clients tend to feel more at ease in a space that is orderly, simple, clean and tidy. A happy client is everything. Do it for them as well as for you. 

4. Treat yourself to an ergonomic station mat.

If your station mat is old and raggedy, it is probably high time to invest in an upgraded salon mat to stand on. This is especially true if you are on your feet all day. 

Standing on an ergonomic station mat can work wonders for the comfort and health of your feet, hips and lower back. Everybody is different, so test out a few mats and find the one that works best for you. 

Consider the way that your body feels during and after work in choosing the perfect station mat. When you are a beauty professional, nothing is more important at work than you! You are serving others all day, so make sure that you are comfortable and strong in your creation station. 

5. Ditch old swag.

Sometimes we keep things that were given to us for free, even if they aren’t necessarily useful. In our lives, those are often gifts, but in the workplace, we seem to collect a lot of free swag. For salon owners, this means sample beauty products, coupons, promotional materials, stickers, makeup bags, towels, etc. 

Just because something was given to you does not mean that you need to keep it. Ditch all the free swag that is no longer serving your business. You’ll feel much lighter when you do. 

Create the space to live the life you love!

We want you to feel incredible in your studio. In her book, Marie Kondo explains, “I am confident and extremely grateful to be surrounded by what I love, by things and people that are, each and every one, special, precious, and exceedingly dear to me. The things and people that bring me joy support me. They help give me the confidence that I will be all right.” 



Only keep things around that empower you in your most efficient and joyful workflow. With just a few simple acts of clearing and tidying, your space can empower you to feel confident, productive and joyous. 

Your Sola salon studio is your temple - time to get tidying!