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Starting your own salon business is probably one of the main reasons you came to Sola Salon Studios. It’s a great feeling to be in control of your own destiny, but sometimes there’s just no substitute for teamwork. Strategic partnerships are certainly nothing new in business and marketing. They’re mutually advantageous, and offer several benefits for you and your salon, like gaining access to an entirely new pool of prospective clients and having someone to help you pull off a successful promotion or event. Whoever said, “There’s power in numbers,” was right! Regardless of what your salon’s niche is, there are complementary (and non-competing!) goods or services that can add value to your business.

5 Partnership Ideas to Help Build Your Business

Host a Trunk Show
Trunk shows are great opportunities to open your doors and market your services to an entirely new group of potential clients. There are many popular brands that sell through in-home trunk shows, like Stella & Dot or Thirty-One Gifts. Invite your clients and friends to the Trunk Show, and the salesperson you partner with will do the same. Trunk Shows are a fun, festive environment, so you’ll have the opportunity to get to know prospective clients in a laid-back, non-threatening environment.  Feel free to offer mini-services during the show, and be prepared to take appointments for future full services. If you feel inclined, sweeten the deal by offering a special discount on future services just for trunk show attendees.

Support a Charity
Getting involved with a charity is beneficial for so many reasons. Volunteering is an inspirational experience that can offer a new perspective on your life or business. Beyond the personal impact, though, supporting or partnering with a charity can also be good for business. Sponsoring a charity or volunteering goods or services to an organization that is aligned with yours is a good way to build positive buzz in the community. If you are a makeup or hair stylist, partner with an organization like Dress For Success that helps low-income women prepare for new careers with interview training and work appropriate wardrobes. Or if you specialize in wigs and non-surgical hair replacement, an organization like the American Cancer Society might be right up your alley.

Partner with a Photographer
There are many different scenarios that could play out when you partner with a photographer, depending on their business model. You could go the traditional photo studio route and offer your services as part of a wedding or family photo package. Or you could partner with an editorial, fashion, or on-location photographer. They are always in need of talented hair and makeup artists, and not only would you get paid for your day-of services, you would also receive credit as the stylist for any published photographs.

Share a Trade Show Booth
Trade shows can be great way to find prospective customers in a particular industry, but renting a booth isn’t cheap! Cut your costs in half by sharing a booth with a partner. If you’re interested in getting more bridal business, for example, share the booth with a wedding planner or bridal boutique. Make your services even more irresistible by offering a fantastic combined wedding package. Offering busy and stressed out brides a one-stop-shop is the definition of “value-added”.

Look Around You
One huge benefit to renting a suite at Sola is that talented and passionate stylists are all around you. If you are a makeup artist, consider partnering with a hair stylist. Or if you perform the best facials in town, maybe your perfect partner is the masseuse in the next suite over. With a little creativity, there are almost unlimited opportunities for cross-promotion. Check out 9 Ways to Partner with Other Sola Professionals for more ideas.  

Now that the wheels are turning, it’s time to take action. Take a few minutes this week to write down all the potential partnerships you can think of in your community, and brainstorm some of the marketing opportunities that might be hiding within those partnerships. Circle your three favorite ideas, and contact those organizations or businesses to get started. Before you know it, you’ll be reaping the rewards of a strategic partnership!

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