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How SolaGenius Makes Life Easier in a COVID World image

As we all adjust to this new normal, our goal is to provide as much support as possible to our Sola professionals to help get you back doing what you love! With so much going on to keep you and your customers safe, there's no better time to uplevel your business with SolaGenius. SolaGenius makes managing your business so much simpler. Don't believe us? Try it out for and see for yourself free for your first 30 days!

Check out these ways SolaGenius can make running your business easier in this new normal:


1. Booking and rebooking made easy

Guests can book with you on their time directly through your booking website! No more phone tag and multi-tasking to make your schedule work. Your guests can book you directly and the customizable calendar feature allows you to block time as needed for errands, vacation or days off, appointments, and more. 


2. Simplified and efficient communication

In times of uncertainty, communication with your clients is key and you may be finding yourself needing to communicate with them more than usual. SolaGenius's email and text communications feature enables you to send customized or pre-written communications to some or all of your clients in seconds! You can also set up generic automated responses to confirm appointments and automated reminders for you and your guests. 

3. Gift cards

SolaGenius gift cards are a great way for your customers to support you when they can’t get in for an appointment. This newly added feature allows clients to purchase gift cards directly through your online booking site which you can redeem directly through your app. Utilize SolaGenius gift cards to help clients prepay for their services and put money in your pocket, today.


4. Build in time for additional sanitation measures

You are the master of your own schedule. Pre-block out time to ensure your day stays on track and your studio stays properly sanitized. When you block the time on your calendar, it won’t show available for clients to book.

5. Contactless checkout

No touch? No problem! Customers are able to preload their information and check out without handing you their card. There are options to add gratuity and forgo a signature, so there is no need for customers to touch your device, saving you the hassle of additional sanitation after each client. 

6. Gloss Up Text Marketing allows you to easily and effectively communicate your safety best practices

The text feature within SolaGenius allows you to quickly and simply mass text your entire customer database at the same time which is helpful in communicating opening dates and times, new safety protocols, or simply checking in with your entire network. Choose from 29 pre-written text messages and edit them as you’d like or draft your own.

7. Client notes do the remembering for you

Let’s be honest, a lot has happened since you likely last saw most of your clients! It‘s okay to not remember every single detail of everyone’s life or the nuances to their styling preferences. Luckily, SolaGenius helps you to jot down notes in real-time. Then, when your clients are back in your chair months later, they'll be amazed at your ability to remember those special preferences and personal details creating a better, more intimate client experience. SolaGenius even takes out the hassle of remembering to jot down notes by allowing you to choose to have your notes sent to you before each appointment and texting you a reminder to capture them again after your customer leaves.

8. Track of your finances and manage PPE costs

It's likely you are spending more on PPE and sanitization than in our pre-COVID world to keep yourself, your customers, and your business healthy. Keep track of these expenditures using the SolaGenius Expenses feature. This will allow you to keep a close eye on money coming in and going out to ensure that you are running a profitable business in this new world. Added bonus: quickly and easily export sophisticated reports when tax time rolls around!

9. Reviews help attract new clients

Due to changes in life circumstances, there are a lot of people searching for new beauty professionals right now. Current and relevant reviews are more important than ever to help you attract those new customers! It’s quick and easy for your client to write and leave you a review and SolaGenius helps you share it to social media in seconds it to make sure the world knows! Customers can easily leave a review via the text or email receipt that is sent to them after their service so you don't even have to have the awkward moment asking for them to review you!


10. Keep your customers in the loop on social media

Social media is such an important resource in promoting your business! Make sure it looks clean and professional using social media templates within SolaGenius. With plenty to choose from, you are sure to find a style that’s all yours.

SolaGenius is available for download in the app store under GlossGenius. Make sure to tap “Are you a Sola Professional?” in order to receive the discounted pricing of $20/month and your first 30 days FREE!