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Everyone enjoys getting freebies, there’s even a known psychology behind it. Most people have a healthy skepticism attached to the idea of getting something at no cost, yet once they do, they often feel the need to reciprocate their appreciation. With that mentality in mind, you’re sure to drum up extra business this holiday season. But before we talk about what to give away during the holidays, let’s talk about why you should consider giveaways as a great marketing tool to increase your holiday revenue.

Think about the average tab your clients rack up during each appointment. Is it $100, $150, or maybe even more? Let’s do a little math. Let’s say that after your client pays for services and your tip, they spend $200. Now, let’s also say they don’t visit your salon as often as you would like, but they manage to make it in about every 8 weeks. That means your client spends approximately $1300 each year on your products and services. When you consider the years your clients invest in your business, that revenue can easily add up to tens of thousands of dollars, and that’s just for one person.

The figure represents your Lifetime Customer Value (LCV) and is used to evaluate the dollar amount you can expect to earn with each client over the span of your relationship. With such lucrative revenue potential, how much would you be willing to invest in your clients’ happiness in return? The term “investment” will mean something different to everyone. It can include your time, your services, swag, or even major merchandise.

The idea is to make your clients feel special, like you’re going out of your way to show your appreciation for their business. And you are. At some point throughout your career, you’ve probably heard someone say: “you have to spend money to make money.” That’s true, but you don’t always have to break the bank to do it. During the holidays, people get used to seeing all kinds of special deals and gifts from retailers. Join in the fun and organize a raffle for your clients.

For smaller giveaway items, contact your distributor and order multiple trial sizes of various products. Add in little extras like purse hooks, nail polish, and a gift certificate for a free scalp treatment and voila, your giveaways are ready for packaging. Arrange the goodies in baskets and wrap them with red cellophane and big festive ribbons. Display your creations in a prominent spot in the salon to ensure their visibility and encourage clients to ask about them.

You can also create Buy One-Get One (BOGO) offers like a free kid’s haircut with a regularly scheduled appointment for their mom or dad. A free lip wax with the purchase of an eyebrow wax, or a deep conditioning mask with the purchase of highlights are also good freebie ideas. Create incentives for your clients to spend a little more on services they might not typically book and you may see that they rebook for a similar service in the future. If you really want to impress your clients, put together a high-ticket item to give away.

Consider a gift basket filled with your favorite products, a hairdryer and curling iron. Display the gift basket with a sign that says “Ask How You Can Win This” and set a minimum dollar amount for each raffle ticket. Clients who spend more than say, $100 (or however much you decide), will receive a raffle ticket in the drawing for the gift basket. If the tab comes out to $85, up-sell your client with a scalp massage or a facial wax to help them reach the minimum amount. Make sure the amount is attainable but keep in mind that you still want to make your money back on the giveaway prize.

Ultimately, you will need to judge what’s best for your clients and your boutique salon business. But when considering your holiday giveaway strategy, a little thoughtfulness will go a long way. They can get their products and services from anyone, but they choose you! Make sure you go the extra mile to fortify the foundation you spent so much time building. Looking for more fun ideas to increase your retail revenue during the holidays? Check out these fun and festive ideas!

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