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Save Time and Schedule Your Summer With SolaGenius image

Summertime usually means vacations, pool days, downtime and relaxation. Although this summer might not look like its usual self, that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve some time off! Take advantage of these longer days with the help of SolaGenius! 

From effortless booking and rebooking, the ability to block personal time, and SolaGenius’s easy onboarding White Glove Service - it’s never been easier to stick to a summer schedule and enjoy some much-needed fun in the sun. 

Here are 3 reasons why you need to use SolaGenius this summer 🌞📱

Booking and rebooking made easy 🙌

Summer shouldn’t be stressful. When you and your clients are going on last-minute vacations (or stay-cations), neither of you should deal with the stress of rebooking. SolaGenius makes it easy and straightforward for clients to book and rebook all by themselves. Instead of fussing with scheduling, simply direct clients to your booking page and you’ll never have to worry about mixed up scheduling, hours of back and forth, or cancellation hassles again. 

"Knowing that my clients can view my availability, check pricing, book and reschedule, and all I have to do is accept (or auto-accept) for a few seconds a day is true peace of mind!"  - Danielle Avila 

More time in the sun, less time with business… 😎

Like we said, just because vacations and summer trips don’t look the way they used to, it’s still important to relax and rejuvenate. To avoid burning out, it's important to plan days to be out of the salon. With SolaGenius, you can easily block out personal time, sync your professional schedule to your personal calendar, and create the work/life balance that will keep you healthy and happy.

“With coming back to work after the shutdown, I made sure to block out ‘vacation days’ for the summer ahead of time to make sure I wouldn’t have to do any moving around. It gave me some weekends to look forward to! I’ve also used my gloss up texts/ emailer to send out reminders for clients to pre-order their products for pick up and to be prepared with UV protectant products. just by doing that I’ve actually increased my retail sales!” - Ashley Lantz 

It’s never been easier to make the switch! 💯

Did you know that SolaGenius offers a White Glove Service that will transfer your current books for you?! This is by far one of our most embraced and celebrated features because it is a true time and stress-saver. With White Glove Service, you can arrange to have all of your appointments, client contact information and notes transferred from another app or paper books (or a combination of both) into your new app. This saves you valuable time and energy. 

“One of my favorite features is the White Glove Service available to new users. It transfers your contacts and appointments for you (even if coming from the old fashioned pen & paper)!” - Jazmin Stratton

Are you ready for more fun in the sun, less time dealing with business? Let SolaGenius help you take a load off. Schedule your summer and enjoy some time off - you deserve it! Make the switch and enjoy your first 30 days of SolaGenius FREE