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Tonia Villa

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About Tonia Villa
My journey in the beauty industry started in 1999 when I studied to become a licensed nail technician. I practiced as a nail technician for years. Although it was a great experience allowing me to shine in my artistic abilities and learn the beauty industry, my plan had always been to get my hands in some hair! I had the opportunity to assist and apprentice for some time before moving to the Midwest from Nevada. I love everything this industry has to offer and I needed to expand on my abilities as a beauty professional. I attended Paul Mitchell school here in Columbus and started my official journey behind the chair in 2014. It has been nothing short of amazing and I am so proud to be a part of something that allows me to connect with people on a personal level while helping them achieve their beauty goals and have some fun. I’ve had some amazing opportunities to network and connect with others, collaborating with photo shoots and fashion shows locally with styles ranging from natural to editorial, providing makeup and hair styling. I have experience in boudoir photo shoots, and bridal services as well. I love and respect the diversity each project presents. I love philanthropy and giving back to the community when the opportunity presents itself, and having the ability to do so in this industry is amazing. My studio is a place I feel my best, and I want everyone who comes in to feel that too. I pride myself on offering a safe space for everyone to come, relax and enjoy their services. Whether you are a new guest or a returning guest, I hope you leave feeling your best!
United States

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