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About Abeer El-Sayed

Abeer is an accomplished healer who draws from a wide range of healing techniques that include chromotherapy, specialized crystals, biomagnetics and energy healing.  Experience powerful physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy healing by Abeer.


I’ve had multiple session with Abeer, and I cannot say enough how great I felt after each session. I went to Heavenly Energy Healing after battling  Chronic pain in my lower back and my shoulders due to lots of stress and Abeer removes all the blocked energy and now I am feeling super light and excepting all things come my way and feel fabulous.  Thank you Heavenly Energy Healing. 

Najwa Jader (Goodyear, AZ)

Thank you thank you thank you Abeer for getting me back on track againI. I had Lower back pain for several months and I went for one session with Abeer, within the first minutes I went to a deep sleep that is how much relaxed I felt as she was removing the toxic and stagnant energy out of my body and aura. When all was done I felt much lighter and was able to walk again without any back pain.  Truly is magical what she does.  I’ll be going back again for tune up. 

Suzy S.  (Phx, AZ)

United States

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