Aisha Gantz

Aesthetics by Aisha

About Aisha Gantz

When you’re at my salon, you’ll be treated like a queen. I’ll perform my beauty magic in a clean and healthy environment. No harsh chemicals are ever used in any of my services, and most of my products are organic. Complimentary arm, hand, neck, facial and scalp massages are provided during many of my facial treatments. I have over ten years of experience and am proficient with my services.


Aisha is a lovely person and extremely skilled at giving pedicures (which is the only service I use, although she provides complete cosmetology services). She is very careful about cleanliness, and uses large copper pots to hold the water. These are disinfected so there is no possibility of contamination. Aisha performs many steps in the pedicure process, including leg massage, and she provides a line of low-chemical polishes. I always feel so good when I visit her, and I enjoy our conversations about healthy living and recommendations of like-minded providers.