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Alexandra Dey

Queen Bee Salon & Spa

About Alexandra Dey
As the longtime Queen Bee lead waxologist and general manager for Culver City and Brentwood, California, I relocated to Seattle in January 2015 to bring Queen Bee’s best-in-class waxing to the Pacific Northwest. I grew up on the WC Ranch outside of Merrill, Oregon (population 900). After torturing my brother and sister by subjecting them to constant makeovers (I loved skin and hair products even then), I went to Stanford University and majored in Economics and English, both of which have proven indispensable to my waxing career! I moved to Los Angeles in 1999 and worked as a manager of a distribution company for almost 6 years, at the end of which I had a quarter-life crisis and decided that I was destined for a career in skin care. I started going to USC to take pre-med classes to become a dermatologist and thought it would be fun to get my esthetician license in the process. During this time, I was being waxed by Jodi and secretly admiring her skills. After I got my license, Jodi took me under her wing and taught me how to wax. (I knew I’d be a complete idiot to say “no” when she very kindly offered to train me, even though I was secretly scared of it and her.). I discovered that I loved waxing, and medical school lost its appeal. Now I spend most of my time waxing, with the occasional facial, and I love my job – it appeals to my Gemini need to be stimulated both physically and mentally. Aside from the waxing, Jodi has also taught me to consume mass quantities of liquid on a daily basis. Now I can’t go a day without morning coffee, afternoon tea and Bollinger Champagne after dark—or before! Thank you! Alex
United States

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