Amanda Casarez

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About Amanda Casarez
I have been doing hair since 2002. I absolutely love making people feel beautiful! I had worked at the same salon for 10 years and finally made the decision to go out on my own, and then I found Sola. I really couldn't be happier in this move. I love my studio, love my surroundings, love the company, and Love meeting all the new stylists. Hair has been a passion since I was young. At any family gatherings I would always find my mother or aunt and spend hours playing with their hair - fun for me and relaxing for them. I also remember being in junior high, my friends and I would be on lunch or after school, and we would just hang out and I would brush their hair, braid it, and massage their heads. After discovering that I could go to school and do hair for a living, I was so excited to get to beautify people and to have fun experimenting with colors. During beauty school I definitely experienced with a bunch of colors and haircuts. It was such a fun time in my life! I am so thankful that my passion is my career! I am so very excited to see what the future brings me
United States

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