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A Colorado native, I grew up in the age of sunbathing with baby oil and iodine and using the same soap I washed my body with to wash my face. With this regiment, it is not surprising that I grew up struggling with oily skin and breakouts with a good dose of crazy hormones to add to the mix. For the past 19 years I worked in the health care field, first for a home health agency and then for General, Vascular and Thoracic Surgeons who took me under their wings and let me learn and grow with the company. During this time I went to school for Medical Assisting and found that for me caring for people went beyond just removing stitches and wound care. I loved the interaction and appreciated and respected the similarities and differences we shared.

Beyond my schooling for skin care which included advanced education for microdermabrasion and chemical peels, I have also been studying Herbology, Iridology and learning about Traditional Chinese Medicine. I believe skin care is for everyone and goes beyond classifying people as dry, oily, sensitive or combination skin because peoples lifestyles and needs, including economically and socially contribute to how your skin “behaves.” My objective is to create the balance between your skin and lifestyle by providing a relaxed, trusting, results oriented treatment to help you achieve your skin care goals.
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