Athena Ciccarelli

Athena's hair design

About Athena Ciccarelli

Athena’s hairstyling career began 17 years ago. Athena is a regional educator for Bellami Professional, the largest hair extension brand in the world where she travels and teaches 5 different hairstyle extension methods.

Athena is a Brazilian Bond Builder ambassador which is a product line that is clinically proven to rebuild the cortex of the hair and is used in all of her color formulas services. 

Athena is also a Leaf and Flower ambassador, which is an innovative haircare line centered around the natural benefits of CBD.

Athena’s goal has always been to make everyone feel beautiful and for her guests to be the best version of themselves. So come have some fun in my private suite, enjoy some champagne, and get beautified in the heart of Glendale!