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Audrey Chong

Audrey C. Hair Studio

About Audrey Chong
Audrey Chong opened her studio in the fall of 2017. She ventured out to continue her mission to provide the highest quality of work from a focused and caring stylist. It's hard to believe she graduated over 20 years ago from Graham Webb Academy. she's still passionate about her career and a firm believer that learning never ends. She attends advanced courses and workshops in an industry where trends and techniques are constantly evolving. Her talent, knowledge, experience, and professionalism has earned her accolades but it's her personal demeanor and character that has developed a loyal following.

Audrey finally got to cut my ultra long hair into a gorgeous asymmetrical lob. I was say the least. But I knew I was in good hands like I have been for years now. Let's just say I'm on my fourth lob with Audrey and couldn't be happier. She listened and did what was best for my face shape and texture. Couldn't have been in better hands.

Jess N.

Audrey is AWESOME! I have issues with my hair and couldn't find anyone who can give me soft layers perfectly right until I found Audrey. This was back when you can actually call and get an appointment within a few days. Forward a few months - she's booked 3 months in advance. Really?? Ok - I'll take her first available because a good stylist is hard to find. She listens to your needs and gives you suggestions. She isn't pushy if you are determined on a certain style, like I once was. Takes time with colors and ensures that it's exactly what you want. I hate that fake orange-brown highlights most stylist give to my Asian hair. Like really? I said no orange!! She gave me beautiful highlights that didn't look fake. LOVE!! Can't say enough good things about her, but I do wish I can call and see her sooner...

Victoria M.

Audrey is amazing ::exclamation mark:: I love my hair color! I think this is the lightest I have gone so far. So many shades...and it glows in the sun! I love the cut! My first time going to a salon and the cut was so precise. Now due to Audrey great skill my routine after shower is... 1) Blow dry 2) Go! No more mess of straightening to minimize the split ends. Just for proof I'll add pictures!


It has taken me far too long to review since my first visit, but in being fair I wanted to go through a whole year of haircuts and color to make sure that my review had been thoroughly tested. We all know how hard it is to find a colorist you trust, someone who isn't going to take off 4 inches when you asked for a trim or getting a style/cut for under the three figure amount that 99% of salons in the area charge. Well whoopty-doo, I have FINALLY found my savior for all things follicle related. Audrey is my favorite.....ever. Yes, a lot of people say their hairstylist is amazing, God's gift blah blah blah. Seriously, Audrey is fan-friggin-tastic. Let's break it down. Audrey is sweet, can hold a great conversation, remembers things about your life, is into reality TV shows, is adorable and has a great personality overall. Bearing those qualities in mind, let's talk about the perks of going to Audrey. She will tell you when something is either not doable with your hair type or if she feels a cut will flatter your face more than the one you chose. She is so sweet when doing so and you can tell she genuinely just wants you to be happy and that her opinion is about as honest as it gets. If you chose to go your own way, she will be just as sweet as before. Her color is fantastic. I've had my fair share of salon mishaps with my hair which is curly and brown. Most salons have managed to turn my hair orange - fabulous. I've had some good salons in between but none as consistent with the quality of work as Audrey is. Sure, it can be a pain to get in with her but personally I'd rather wait for a highly in-demand stylist rather than someone with availability tomorrow.

Riley S.

United States

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