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Bea Fuentes

Epic Studio - Hair By Bea Fuentes


I would follow Bea anywhere! She has transformed my hair from dull, coarse, and unruly to shiny, smooth, and tamable. She has taught me how to work with my hair, so that I am even getting compliments on it up until the day I return for the next color and style! To my chagrin (ok, straight up fear that I would never be able to color my hair again!) I developed a severe allergy to the usual color treatment preparation, so Bea researched and found an alternative that is equally as effective! She thought ahead to stock her new salon just for my unique requirements. I trust Bea completely, and am so grateful I found her 6 years ago, for myself as well as for my daughter. She will be my stylist for life, and the one I will always encourage people to go to!

Denise L.

United States

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