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Hairdressing for the discriminating modern woman. Beautiful photography ... Portraits, Architecture, Weddings & Events

My 40+ years as a hair stylist; salon owner; platform artist & educator; haircutting/styling contest competitor; and competition judge; represents a body of work which makes me uniquely qualified to help bring out the best in today's contemporary woman with modern, trendy, signature styles which are classical and tasteful. Highly customized styles capture a woman's personality and compliment her physically. Fashion is not a function of age ... it is about mind-set. I help clients discover their best self.

I have been a photographer even longer ... starting when a young boy. It melded wonderfully with my career as a hairdresser, and has been the foundation of my website and social media from the beginning. Portraits are definitely my specialty.


People come near and very far to schedule a Bill Rose Hair Design. Be prepared to have many compliments and Wows on the precision cuts and color like no other. I always look forward to what Bill will create. He will first talk to you to understand what look you want to achieve and be comfortable with. For mune after, I can't believe (25 yrs.!), he keeps me out of a rut, and with the times, sometime very conservative and other times a green light to send me out with another show stopper.

Janet (from YELP!)

Good morning.. as I was coming out of church yesterday, a lady tapped me on the shoulder to ask who's my hairdresser ... of course I told her your web site and she said "that cut is simply a piece of art" ... just wanted to share that with you <3

Nadia (text message)

Huge, huge, huge fan of this place! Especially of Bill!!!! I came here on a whim and he does not disappoint! I was in search since my last stylist decided to be a nurse, which I am happy for him but he left me without another him lol. I went to a few places, one really pricey, the girl does hair for the real housewives of OC...which should have been my first clue...anyways crappy haircut and $200 later I was unhappy and decided to just grow my hair out because she jacked my sh!t up! Finally making a search again I decided to email this place and let them know what happened and what I was looking for in a stylist. Fast forward, after having some really nice email conversation back and forth with Bill, I decided to bite the bullet and do a hair consultation...I've never done one of those before but I figured what do I have to lose. He explained in his email he does do a lot of work on short hair which was what I was looking for A-line but below my cheeks, barely touching my shoulders and short in the back. He went on to tell me what he specializes in and gave me a link to look at and after that I booked my appt. We met, I was greeted by a very nice assistant who really is just the friendliest person you'll meet in the OC other then Bill of course. I was seated and given my consultation. Now let me be honest with you, when you walk in, its kind of hip and trendy. When I was given the tour I was a little skeptical but excited to meet this Bill. She brought be back to him and he was not at all what I was expecting. But let me tell you, HE IS A FREAKN HAIR GURU and he's all that and more! I've never been happier, the guy is as thorough as a breast exam lol...not sure if that's appropriate or not but I'm serious. You can tell he just really cared and he wanted to let you know how important your hair meant not only to him, but to you as well. I learned things I never knew as well. He finished off his consultation with letting me know he didn't know my budget and he priced slightly higher and that they have a really well staffed place of like 30 stylist and if I didn't want to go through him he wouldn't be offended. Let me tell you something. If you're lucky enough to meet this guy and have him do your hair...DO IT. Because I feel just as lucky to have him doing my hair. I have since went back to have my hair colored and I am getting so many compliments for not just my color but they way he cut my hair. Be sure to get comfortable and trust him he knows what he is doing. Just be ready to answer a lot of questions because they all come into play when doing your hair. Thanks again Bill, you're truly an asset to this place. DON'T EVER LEAVE!

Shelley (from YELP!)

"Diane ... please pass along this message to Bill … I had my book club tea today, and of course, went to church … and everyone just gasped at my hair… it is so fabulous … they say it makes me look 15 years younger … don't ever touch anything ... this is the perfect hairdo ... they love it, love it, love it … and can't tell you how many people have said that ... so, it's been fun … so thank you, thank you … bye bye"

Nancy (voice mail)

I want to thank you again for the beautiful job you did on my hair. I wanted it to be just perfect (and knew I didn't have the hair for a tradition, bridal hair, up do) and it was the perfect blend of trendy, classic, and overall beautiful. Thank you again--when I get my pictures back from Tiffany, I will send a few to your Jessica collection! I looked at the link of all my photos on your website, by the way: I've definitely had several looks, all of them beautiful! (Except for the "before" pictures--that was pretty bad.)

Jessica (email)

Hi, Bill! I hope you had a great Christmas. I just wanted to thank you again, and let you know that just about everyone I know has been raving about my new 'do! I've gotten so many compliments, and a few "I didn't even recognize you!"s. The pictures on your web site came out really nice, too. If you wouldn't mind emailing me the one of me wearing the scarf and the one in the middle on the bottom, I would be grateful. Have a fantastic New Years!

Laura (email)

I just wanted to thank you for taking your time to style my hair, i absolutely looooooooveeee it !! Its something very different, and my family really likes it! I've gotten so many compliments on my hair everybody loveeeesss it ! The color is perfect !! Not too striking but noticeable. I feel like such a different person , thank you so much Bill! My confidence level was so low and now its way up i love the new look :D I'm really looking forward to “next time “. Thank You SO Much! Sincerely,

Genesis (email)

Thank you for your patience with me - I've been clearing out some old furnishings in my living space and had a new sofa delivered today! Yippee! I'm loving the new look! I'm also loving my hair cut! I'd been dreaming about (very) short hair for several months and am so grateful you had that cancellation and could fit me into your schedule. I've had long hair most of my life and always grew it back when I did get it cut. Most of those cuts were just "trims" of a few inches. I was very tired of that same look, but hadn't the courage to do anything different, until recently! I wanted a change SO much! I appreciated the questions you asked me and the time spent defining terms (the "bob") and understanding my concerns (no-fuss style, long neck)! Thank you for responding to my concerns so kindly - you were very supportive. And I haven't spent another second worrying about a long neck! I have discovered that I need a scarf to keep my neck warm in this cooler weather though! The look you created is easy for me to replicate - maybe 5 minutes of attention with a light gel and the blow dryer and I'm done :) I've also had fun scrunching it - kind of a "bed-head" look, which got lots of positive comments this week! I'm not the kind of person who EVER received comments on her hair and this is rocking my world :) I'm an environmental scientist with the EPA, working in the regional office in Dallas. I look forward to our next time together, too!

Carrie (email)

Hi Bill, We love the pictures!!!!! I'm sorry I didn't email before this but we have been running crazy with all of our activities. We would love it if you could send those four pictures to me without the watermark. Also, we wanted to know if any of the other pics turned out or if there was a possibility that we could see them. If not, then we definitely want the ones you put on your website. Thanks again for all your talents and your interest in the girls. Lydia lovessssss her cut, and keeps telling us so. Hilary is really enjoying her cut, and I think she is surprised by that. She has been getting many compliments. Katherine is warming up to Hilary's cut, and as always, Katherine loves whatever you do with her hair. Much love to you!

Elizabeth (email) it is official!! All of my friends think, that the last pic. & the last hair cut, looks like I should be in a hair magazine. Y R The bomb. See you after while. take care of you and yours.

Heather (email)

United States

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