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SOLA SALONS TWIN CITIES SPOTLIGHT – Q&A WITH BRIONNA GRAY 1. How did you decide to be a hairstylist? Interestingly enough, Brionna was in school studying psychology. Her sister signed her up for cosmetology school so she tried it out and fell in love with it! The psychology background goes well with this career actually. Hairstylists are the go-to therapist for countless men and women, providing two services in one – a haircut and therapy. Brionna has spent countless hours listening to her clients and providing advice. And her positive attitude keeps her clients coming back. 2. How many years of experience do you have in the industry? Brionna has 6 years of experience. 3. What do you most like about your career? She loves meeting new people and creating lasting relationships! Her clients are more than just a person sitting in her chair and she enjoys getting to know each and every client. Also, she loves learning new techniques to stay on the cutting edge in the industry. 4. What was it like to transition from chair rental to having your own studio at Sola? Brionna says the transition to owning her own studio at Sola was EASY!! The owners and management at Sola Salon Studios Twin Cities made sure the transition was smooth and helped with anything she needed to get her business started. They also give a $400 retail bonus that helped her stock her shelves and helped with the upfront product costs. 5. Was it scary or difficult to open your own business at Sola? It was not scary or difficult at all. It was the right move for her career at the right time and Sola helped every step of the way. 6. What is the biggest change from working in a traditional salon? The biggest change is for Brionna was the change in atmosphere at Sola. In a busy chair rental salon, she was not able to hear what her clients were saying a lot of the time because the noise level was so high. Now, she can close her studio door to have privacy and quiet if she wants! Or she can keep her door open to be a part of the hustle and bustle of the salon, as she is working side by side with other professionals at Sola. 7. What do you like most about Sola? Brionna says EVERYTHING! There is nothing that she doesn’t love and Sola is a perfect mix of everything, lol. She loves how the studio is designed as a one-stop shop. Her clients sit in her chair and don’t have to move to get their hair washed or dried. This especially helps elderly or older clientele so they don’t have to walk to the back of the salon to a separate washing station. 8. What do your clients think about your space? Her clients all love it and are so happy she made the move! They love supporting her in her own business venture and enjoy the one-on-one time with her during appointments. 9. How has being in business for yourself at Sola helped your career move forward? Brionna says that her business blew up after moving to Sola! She wishes she would have made the move sooner! 10. How has selling your own retail enhanced the service that you provide your guests/clients? She likes being able to choose what line to carry and sell. That way she is selling something she loves and can give clients good advice on what is best to use for their hair needs. Plus, she makes more money!! 11. What is unique about your business, Pure Look? Pure Look is a place where guests always come first! So sit in the chair, relax, and have some girl talk as your hair is being taken care of! Pure Look offers cuts, color, styling, and facial waxing. To book an appointment with Brionna, call 763-291-6431. Sola Salon Studios Twin Cities is seeking experienced cosmetologists ready for the freedom, independence, and fun that can only be found with Sola! Call 612-437-0270 for leasing information in Woodbury, Blaine, and our newest Saint Paul location!

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