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Ever since high school, I had dreamed of a career in cosmetology. After spending years in college and then graduate school, and THEN some years at a financial firm, I decided it was time for a career change and I never looked back.

These days, I spend my days striving to inspire and create unique looks and building relationships with my clients. I love to be able to toe the line of typicality, giving people in conventional positions unconventional looks. I give each client an individualized style and a home care plan so that my clients can replicate their new look at home.

Outside of the salon, I enjoy the little things in life: a good puzzle, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, Jeopardy, and all things Halloween related. I am an avid bullet jounaller in an attempt to organize my chaotic life. I also enjoy travelling and my two favorite places are Disney World and Salem, Massachusetts. I can eat an impressive number of tacos and will spend every spare moment I have with my brother puppers, Hendrick and Asher, and my own fur-baby, Casper.

I love to discuss wild ideas over a cup of coffee so send me a DM to consult with me for your next hair adventure!


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