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Hello Beautiful People,

My name is Camil Potts, the owner of Violet Station. It sounds so surreal to be able to attach such a prestige title to my name and yet I'm still amazed at how blessed I am to be able my very own boutique salon. My passion for this amazing industry began when I was just a little girl and has blossomed into something pretty amazing. I studied at the Aveda Institute in Birmingham and also had the opportunity to apprentice under two very talented master cosmetologists. I have been the lead makeup artist and hair stylist for various editorial work around the Birmingham and Huntsville Area. I am also an Army Veteran, Wife, and Mother of three. I believe healthy hair and some good mascara will change the way you view the world. I am always striving to provide my guests with the ultimate experience as well as latest trends through my continued education. I want you to leave my salon feeling as though you can conquer any and everything life tosses your way. So give me a call or just stop by to say hi, I'd love to hear from you!!!

Peace & Love



"Camil is fabulous! She is always professional, but also very fun-loving. We have a great time at each appointment. She really cares about her clients and is always accommodating. You should definitely book with her!"

Erica S.

"Camil was very friendly and informative about my natural hair. She gave much needed advice on how to care for and style my hair. She made me comfortable and opened my mind to new styles. She recommended products to help with my hair maintenance and please believe I will be trying them. Wonderful experience!"

Sylvia T.

"Camil is very professional! I love the atmosphere of the shop."

Tonja B.

"Camil far exceeded my expectations as a first time customer! She's an amazing stylist, super friendly, and she really cared about the health and growth of my hair! I'm excited to embark on this new journey with her. I will be a permanent client for sure!"

Chandler M.

"Camil was great. I can't wait to reschedule with her."

Allisia M.

"Camil is awesome! She was able to squeeze me in her schedule at such a short notice. She always does a great job and cares about the health of your hair."

Kiara L.

"The moment I met Camil, I just knew I would be able to trust her with my hair. She was welcoming, patient and very understanding of the fact that I had to bring my 19 month old with me to my hair appointment. I also appreciate how Camil was working on my hair and my hair alone. I understand that stylists have to multitask but I was beyond tired that day and I was literally in and out in less than 1 hour and 30 minutes! Also, I was more than satisfied with how she styled my hair (silk press). I found my new hair stylist! :-)"

Amber B.

"Very Professional!"

Whitney W.

"Listen, Camil is THE best! The Lord has truely blessed her hands. She is friendly, very professional, and talented. Thank you Camil for your advice on hair and our conversations! Love you"

Trice L.

"If you are looking for a professional who is timely, sweet spirited and great with your hair, Camil's your stylist!"

Stacy L.

United States

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