Cara Torgrimson

Salon Alma Bonita

About Cara Torgrimson

Salon ALMA BONITA, means pretty soul in Spanish, inspired by my grandmother Alma and my mother Bonita. Two amazing women that embodied the meanings of their names. That is my goal, to help my clients express their pretty souls, inside and out!

I have been a "hair artist" or "hair-a-pist" for over 30 years. I still love it through all these years, practicing and refining my craft in Missoula, Anchorage, Seattle and now back in Missoula. Learning and growing with every new place, new client, and new co-worker. I find the connections with my clients to be the most rewarding part of my job. We have so much to share, and teach each other. 

I love all aspects of hairstyling. I offer precision cutting, all forms of hair coloring, smoothing treatments, hair purification, and deep conditioning treatments. 

Offering KEVIN MURPHY COLOR ME (Ammonia free, PPD free) for my coloring services. KEVIN MURPHY is also my choice for take home hair care products, combining scientific knowledge with the best natural ingredients. All KEVIN MURPHY packaging is made from recycled ocean plastic!