Carmen Tyler

Eastside Salon 8- Carmen Tyler

About Carmen Tyler

At Pure Hair Salon, Carmen wants every customer to leave the chair feeling more beautiful before they took their seat. Pure Hair Salon aims to enhance the outward beauty while also encouraging pure beauty from the inside. Taking pride in listening to and asking any clarifying questions to the customer, Carmen wants to ensure at the end of the hair service the customer leaves feeling great. Giving the customer their desired style, along with providing a little TLC to promote healthy hair in and out of the salon are some of Carmen's professional goals. Carmen has been in the hair industry for 5 years but Pure Hair Salon has been in the making for 10 years. Carmen serves clientele with hair textures from tight curls to bone straight. Pure Hair Salon aims to make every customer whether she is a five year old who needs twists for school or a beautiful grandmother who looks for a good shampoo and style. Sola Salons affords Carmen the opportunity through hair to stay in touch with people from from all walks of life. The much appreciated flexibility and convenience of Sola Salons give Carmen the time to build upon her craft and tend to her baby girl.

United States

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