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Cherice Walden

Mudita Mystique

About Cherice Walden

As “mudita” signifies I find happiness in the happiness of others. In this light: I am a cosmetologist who specializes in personalized color formulas and detailed haircuts. I enjoy finding the best style for every individual who sits in my chair. I also offer eyebrow tinting and facial waxing to help complete your look. I look forward to helping you find the perfect look and routine for your lifestyle! Gel manicures are now available!


Cherice is incredible at what she does, both technically and artistically. I’ve always had such a wonderful time when she’s done my hair, not only does she give you what you want, but she is extremely easy and enjoyable to talk to (which lets be honest, is really important when you are sitting in someone’s chair for 1-5+ hours). I’ll always recommend Cherice!!

Aspen Aaberg

Cherice is the absolute best! I found her after moving to Rapid City 4 years ago! I haven’t left her since! She listen’s to what you want and will give you her honest feedback and professional opinion. She takes her time, no matter what services you’re having done. Her professionalism, passion, expertise and talent and genuine care as a stylist is evident in every appointment with her. Not only is she awesome at hair and other salon services, she is great to talk to, kind, caring and just a wonderful person all around!

Shelley Mitchell

Absolutely does some of the best colors you can get! Whether it’s a natural brown/blonde/brunette color or bright colors like blue/pink/green/orange/etc. I’ve seen her do almost all colors and always make it look amazing!

Adiana Farmer

Cherice has so much patience for all types of hair and all types of people no matter your walk of life. I’ve had my hair done by her many times over the years from blondes and browns to my favorite fun fashion colors. She does it all.

Alvena Fortier

Cherice has been cutting my beard and hair for years now. She knows and remembers what works for her customers and is an absolute professional. As long as she can hold scissors, she'll be my go to for mine and my son's hair.

Bo Sistak

I didn't used to care who cut my hair until I met Cherice. She has done wonders on my very full head of curls over the last 5 years! Always open to new ideas and honest about the process and results (which are fabulous btw)!

Emily Geppert

Always great and fun to talk to, personalizes the color perfectly. Best stylist I have ever had.

Stephanie Kellner

When I first got to Rapid City I was trying out different hair salons and since landing an appointment with Cherice I haven’t gone elsewhere. She always offers great advice, meets expectation and delivers on quality. What makes her truly special is that she is how comfortable she makes you feel. You can chat to her about anything that’s on your mind and she makes it a meaningful conversation. Also- I once walked in with hay in my hair (after working on the ranch) and she ended up making this one of the best experiences yet. She laughed WITH me and not AT me and I think this says a lot about her character! Highly recommend!

Elise Lewis

I’ve gone to Cherice for I don’t even know how many years! She is so particular with color that when it grows out you can hardly tell! She is always able to somehow turn my ideas into reality, I’ve since moved to GA and she’s STILL the only person allowed near my hair with color and/or scissors.

Tyler O’Neill

I absolutely love Cherice!! She has been doing my hair for 5 years!! I think 😂 I don’t remember going to anyone else 😂 she did my hair for my wedding she has cut it off after the wedding she fixed my hair!! Love love love her to death! 10 star recommend!!

Natalie Jones

United States

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