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Forget Hair Loss. Go Bold.

Scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) can change your appearance in just a few hours. Using a method of pointillism, your artist will deposit tiny follicle-size pigments that imitate actual hair follicles. Through this procedure we can create stronger hairlines and the appearance of thicker hair. With 2-3 sessions, you can completely eliminate pattern baldness or a receding hairline.

So natural it is unreal.

Trained By The Best

It is important to be weary of who performs your procedure as not all SMP is created equal. Unfortunately, many practitioners have had little to no training and little to no experience, often taking one or two day classes, or online tutorials to learn SMP. Many courses practice solely on melons and bananas, not live models. Before you choose a practitioner, do your research.

Christopher Matthew was trained at Scalp Micro USA and has experience with various hair and skin types. Scalp Micro USA has the most intensive hands on training course in the States. Founder Matthew Iulo was recognized as the best SMP artist in the world and he is one of the best trainers in the industry.


Thanks to Chris and @dillingers_scalp_micro for doing an excellent job on my micropigmentation. I recommend this treatment for anyone concerned with hair loss. This company is number 1 in haircuts and micropigmentation. (translated from spanish) ~Cesar

Cesar E.

Over the years I’ve become pretty good friends with Chris and during a casual conversation outside of his barbershop I mentioned how I wasn’t sure what to do with my hair for my upcoming wedding. I was unsure because the hair on top of my head had started noticeably thinning and for years have been wearing my hair long on top. Chris suggested Scalp Micro Pigmentation. I had no idea what that was so Chris sat me down and filled me in on every detail on what SMP was. He told me everything I needed to know and then some as well as answering every single question or concern without hesitation. After going over every single detail there was to know via Chris’ in-depth description and finding out that he had gotten it done himself, I decided to get it done as well. Before, during and after the procedure, Chris was very professional as always. He walked me through every single step of the process, filling me in on what to expect or what was going on as well as periodically checking in on me to see how it felt or how it was healing afterwards. It’s been over a month since my third session with Chris and I couldn’t be happier. Not a single person has been able to notice that I had anything done, not even my Mom or fiancé. I would recommend SMP via Chris Matthew to any and everyone who is self-conscious about their thinning or receding hair. Thank you Chris!


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