Christina Berry

Renew & Refresh Skin Care

About Christina Berry

Everyone deserves the chance to have amazing skin! I am dedicated to making people look and feel amazing, plain and simple! 

My name is Christina Berry. My husband and I moved to Marietta in January of 2012, and we love it! We have a beautiful daughter named Harper and a dog named Jax. 

I am extremely passionate about Skin Care and Waxing! I believe that everyone has the potential to have great skin with great brows to accompany it! I am dedicated to each and every client on their path to amazing skin! I graduated from the highly accredited Guy's Academy of Hair, Skin, and Nails in Shreveport, LA, in 2006. Prior to starting my own business named Renew and Refresh Skin Care (or R&R), I have had the pleasure of working with three very prestigious Spas that use PCA, Dermesse, AVEDA, and Eminence skin care lines, to name a few. I love products and ingredients! I love watching how skin can change with the right ingredients. I bring with me experience, enthusiasm, dedication, and tricks of the trade picked up along my journey, as well as many post- graduate courses and certifications. Along with all of that and my absolute devotion to skin care and waxing, my passion continues to evolve! I look forward to helping each of my clients achieve and surpass their skin care goals and expectations!