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Connie is a graduate of Kali Institute of Massage and Somatic Therapies and has been serving her local communities through touch therapy since 2012.

Being in the massage therapy field and particularly a Touch Therapy Specialist is an answer to a calling for Connie.  It started out as a pursuit for a deeper understanding of herself – her body, mind, and spirit (her heart); and a deep desire to improve her own health issues that were brought on by a stressful lifestyle ad career.  It did not take long for Connie to realize that touch therapy is truly where her heart is by improving others’ lives through her healing touch.

As an apprentice at Kali Institute, Connie was very passionate about what the instructors had instilled in her.  She was always very dedicated to her studies concerning therapeutic touch and all the other science courses related to Anatomy, Physiology, and Kinesiology.  After graduating from Kali, Connie has continued her study and has developed a unique approach in using various modalities that she deems appropriate for each individual clients’ needs; including musculoskeletal pain and limited mobility after prolonged or on-going restrictions and pain due to trauma, post-surgery or post-injury.

Connie continues to gain more understanding and knowledge about human anatomy and how our body restores and heals itself in response to touch therapy.  An effective healing touch is a touch not just for the physical body but can have a profound effect on the mind, spirit, and the heart. This touch creates a positive and refreshing energy and a safe environment for the clients to be able to experience emotional releases for their mind and spirit. In the past few years, Connie has developed several methods and approaches that have been very successful in treating not only musculoskeletal pain but also bringing about a therapeutic healing process for clients who are suffering emotional pain or grief/loss.

One thing is certain, our bodies are “living” bodies – “Soma”, because we are not just physical living bodies, our spirits dwell in this physical body, one tangible touch on a part of the body communicates to ALL parts of the body – on various levels – physically, emotionally, and spiritually! That is what Grateful Heart Somatic Therapies is all about. To touch those who are hurt and in pain physically AND BEYOND. That is the mission of Grateful Heart and that is the passion you can feel in Connie’s treatments.



I wanted to write a review of Grateful Heart Somatic Therapies since it has had such an impact on me! Connie has transformed my understanding of massage and the potential it can have to not only reduce stress but to significantly improve your health. I’ve had two back surgeries and came to Connie looking to add to what had been a successful recovery routine of Foundation Training and cross training with a personal trainer. My muscle tightness was limiting my progress. In three sessions, myself and my personal trainer have been amazed at the difference she has made. She is so much more than a masseuse: because of Connie somatic touch therapy will always be a part of my care for my back and my body. She has also made further recommendations of stretches and other activities like qi gong which I can also see becoming a part of my core back and self care practice. Three appointments and already so much progress! Highly highly recommend!

Aubrey J. , Santa Barbara

Connie is an incredibly gifted healing practitioner. When I moved back to Ventura County from San Francisco four years ago I needed to find a new massage therapist who could help alleviate the stress my body carried from everyday life. After my first session with Connie I new she was the practitioner for me. Connie is an intuitive body worker who understands the therapeutic healing touch the nervous system needs in order to self heal. I've found her to be an incredible guide to my healing process, as her work has helped my physical body relax so that the flow of my system can rebalance. I would highly recommend Connie to anyone!

Tiffany R. , Ventura

I had the best massage with Connie. She is very knowledgeable and an expert in muscle anatomy and physiology. She explained to me in detail all about my problem areas, and why certain things happen in the body. Her massage technique was therapeutic and relaxing. Connie is an outstanding Massage Therapist. I am “grateful” I found her, and I can’t wait for my next session!

Theresa S. , Ventura

“Connie is amazing, first she asked questions, then she found the places I needed help, and then she applied the right pressure and techniques to truly help my body recover. I have not been in Ventura long but I have not found a therapist who really listens, who cares, who has a passion for massage therapy, and knows what to do and who really wants to really help you heal. I highly recommend Connie and will be seeing her on a regular basis.”

Bill L. , Ventura

“Connie is a great and respectful Massage Therapist. I've known her over 6yrs. Rest assure she will give you the best massage ever. Very down to earth. Thank you Connie your the best!!”

Maria S. , Ventura

“Connie is unbelievable! My husband and I have had numerous massages, and to be honest, Connie is by far the BEST! She is professional, attune to your needs (areas of pain/concern), and overall, amazing... Whether you want a soft (spa-like) massage to a deep tissue (therapeutic) massage, Connie does it. I HIGHLY recommend--you will not be disappointed. Ah! Almost forgot---her massages are extremely affordable. "

J.R , Ventura

“Finding a highly skilled massage therapist who is also very intuitive is extremely difficult. Mediocre therapists are everywhere, but the good ones are hard to come by. After several years of searching the Ventura area for someone with the perfect balance of strength, finesse, flow and excellent knowledge of physiology, I found Connie. As a fairly active person, I prefer deep tissue massage to help me keep my neck, shoulders and back in check. Between jogging, pilates, commuting and sitting at a desk job 40 hours a week, I'm always tired and sore. I also have a couple of herniated disks that wreak havoc on me when my muscles are especially tense. Connie is able to instantly tell what's going on with my body when I come in for my monthly appointment, and zero in on the problems. She can sense when she needs to back off my tense muscles, and when to apply more pressure. Perhaps her greatest strength is her ability to combine her knowledge, intuition and technique with the most elusive skill of all: flow. It's hard to describe what it's like to have a therapist who has great flow, but you know it when you find it. It's the secret ingredient that can make or break a therapist. It's the difference between an "o.k." massage and an amazing, healing experience. I highly recommend Grateful Heart Somatic Therapies to anyone who needs treatment ranging from a simple relaxation massage to a deeper, sports recovery massage. Make an appointment with Connie--you can thank me later.”

Eric P. , Ventura

“I have had two absolutely amazing massages from Connie! It takes me a minute to get comfortable with people, especially letting someone touch me but she is absolutely fantastic. Both massages were for 90 minutes and deep tissue for my legs and lower back. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate the massage therapy from Connie. Highly, highly recommend her! I can’t wait till my next appointment!”

Ryan R. , Ventura

Amazing massage therapy. A unique ability to read what areas need work, and the perfect amount of pressure. I would recommend Connie's massage therapy to anybody who needs a light relaxation massage to a deep tissue therapeutic approach.

Ryan G. , Ventura

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