Crystal Renee

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Crystal was my stylist and she was fantastic! She was very attentive to the current state of my hair, and asked all of the pertinent questions to understand how I've been caring for my hair to date. As she styled my hair, she made suggestions here and there, assessed my ends before cutting and showed me what she planned to take off, and once she had a clear idea of my hair's current state, she counseled me on how to properly care for my hair going forward. I mentioned that I wanted to color and possibly cut my hair, and she was very clear about how important it is to take good care of my hair if it is colored, and she took a look at my face and gave me honest feedback on how short, I could go when I decide to cut my hair. That was awesome service! I enjoyed our conversation and we laughed and talked about the entertainment industry and celebrities. Needless to say, "I will be back"! I was hoping to one day find a regular hair stylist and I think I have!!! I should've known that I would have a great experience! There's something to be said about an establishment, when you're trying to book a time and it's already booked before you can proceed through the booking calendar!

Charmyra F.

Made an appointment to check out this salon and I was super nervous, trying a new stylist for the 1st time in over 20 years. Thank you Crystal !!! I got a roller wrap and I was in and out in less than 2 hours. She made sure I was comfortable and talked to me about my hair. I will be going back. Very pleasant and the atmosphere was amazing.

Kee P.

100% positive experience!! Visited for the first time to have my young daughter's hair done. My daughter is biracial with curly hair prone to tangling and they handled it with complete ease! Gentle detangling technique, pleasant and engaging with my child. I could not have asked for more and am grateful to have found this salon. It's my new go-to salon for my daughter's routine haircare.

Dana S.

Yesterday i had a silk press done and usually when i go somewhere else i end up not liking it and just wetting my hair to curly but Crystal did my hair and i left loving my hair. She also took the time to show me how to wrap my hair . Thanks Crystal !

Asia A.

Go check out Crystal. Super sweet and gets the job done!! She did a fantastic job trimming my natural hair!

Adrienne K.

United States

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