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Inside of Sola Salon Encinitas, I focus on helping your body and mind feel how they're meant to feel through massage therapy . Creating an awareness of the tension, stress and pain that affects our daily routine and lives allows space for change and healing. Studies have shown that chronic pain and stress ultimately lead to chronic illnesses. For many, this way of life has gone on for days, weeks, months and some times even years which in turn makes the simplest thing seem difficult and the activities we love no longer enjoyable. Massage therapy can give you a greater sense of relaxation, relief and renewal which allows us to be better equipped for life's unexpected changes or the consistent stressors of home or workplace. I have been assisting clients since September 2011 and received my education at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. I completed over 700 hours of training that combined Eastern and Western philosophies and techniques.Through my ongoing education I continue to integrate additional therapies and styles to my practice to provide the best service possible to my clients. Don't just simply discover the world of massage but discover how great you can feel. Services Offered: Acupressure Circulatory Deep Tissue Lymphatic Drainage Reflexology Swedish Follow CC Massages on Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: @ccmassages Yelp: Google+:

"I am recovering post surgery and I am beyond impressed with Cynthia's skill set and her ability to bring me into deep relaxation while also focusing on areas of pain. I highly recommend her if you are looking for outstanding bodywork from a skilled, confident, compassionate practitioner!" -Kayleen W., Encinitas

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